Posted by: silverstar98121 | June 3, 2009

More Alzheimer’s Quilts

Here is a link to my sister’s Alzheimer’s quilts. One of them is very lonley, and needs some attention. Note that these are small 9X12 art quilts, and my sister has a long way to go to her $1000 pledge. She will have a couple more up sometime soon, as she has just finished them. As I mentioned last year, my mother’s mother died with Alzheimer’s. It won’t kill you, but it makes you more vulnerable to the infections, etc. that will.

So, if anyone wants to make my sister’s quilt less lonely. I would appreciate it. She is the charity queen in the family, doing everything from giving vegetables from her garden to food banks to walking in the Avon Three-day for breast cancer, (she is a survivor).  I’d buy it, but I donated to Ernie, the parvo pup. I’ve been following his story on Twitter and Tumblr since he got sick. More information here. I know, just throw a dog in, and I’m a puddle.


  1. your sister sounds like a big-hearted woman! and the quilts are pretty! Oh, but Ernie…. crikey… that’s an adorable pup.

    • Isn’t he though? I just wish I could have sent more.

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  3. lovely dog

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