Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 24, 2009

Folklife Saturday

Well, folks, I was in bed early last night (I was enticed there) and up early this morning. It’s about 1:30 PM, and I’ve finished half of Mount Washmore, as FLYlady calls it. I was going to do the rest tonight, but I see from the Folklife schedule that tonight is the big Celtic showcase. Az, I’ll get back to you after Folklife. I think I need both you and FLYlady.

Yesterday was uneventful, but very crowded at Folklife. I was going to take a bus, but all the buses were stuffed. I had to decided to have my panic attack in the open air, rather than try to load on a bus.
I brought some more music for you. This guy is a pretty good guitarist. I don’t know about his voice, but kind of like Van Morrison and Rod Stewart, it grows on you. And now I’m about to change clothes and get out of here.


  1. channeling joe cocker a bit…

  2. Enjoy the day Silverstar. Music lightens the soul.

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