Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 23, 2009

Folklife is Here!

Hurray, my favorite festival is here. I was over there for several hours yesterday, and had a glorious time. The weather is lovely, and I got there early enough that you could actually move. Of course, that was before everybody got off work, after that it was the usual zoo.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

After last year’s shooting, there were signs posted everywhere that firearms are not allowed on the premises. That’s for the crazy people who think bringing a firearm to a crowded venue is a good idea. It’s kind of like the “Caution: this coffee is hot” on the lid of your Starbucks. Most folks can figure it out, but there’s always a few.

First thing I had to get some food. I love festival food. So I got some Thai food, and then proceeded to the stage where the Celtic music was. Long about 4 o’clock, though, I noticed that I was starting to get fried. Time to go home and get properly equiped with a straw hat, sunscreen, all my cameras and my tripod (note to self, need a tripod case) and more money. Always more money.

When we got back, we went to get my favorite dessert, apple dumplings with ice cream and apple cider sauce. I’ll go on a diet Tuesday. While I was eating my dessert, this guy started to play the acoustic guitar. And since Folklife is about the music, and I had my video camera, I recorded him for you. I was very impressed with his playing, and I think anybody who plays guitar will be, too. And so, I now proudly present to you, Angelo Pizzaro.


  1. He’s fantastic! Woo hoo!

  2. Pretty good guitarist!

    Glad you’re having a blast Silverstar, and enjoying some good out of doors fun.

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