Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 13, 2009

What’s On Your Desktop?

My Desktop

My Desktop

I first saw this meme at Azahar’s then at The Havens. I decided to put my desktop up. Like the one at The Havens, it is mutable, but not nearly as often as hers is. I eschew slideshows on the computer, but not on the blog. It’s usually my new favorite picture I’ve taken, and I try to keep it seasonal. I see I need to clean up my icons again. And I can’t live without my sidebar. I love being able to see what time and date it is, and what the weather is.


  1. i tend to dump too many files on the desktoop. but my background isn’t cool enough to worry about keeping it visible! love the cherry blossoms…

  2. That’s gorgeous, SS. And yeah, I like the sidebar too. Sexy Beast doesn’t have one because she’s on XP. She’s still in computer hospital btw … must call and see what’s taking so long.

  3. That is a lovely desktop.

    I had a photo of my sons and I but my oldest hijacked it and replaced it with a photo of Mal from my favorite (if defunct) tv show, Firefly.

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