Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 13, 2009

The Mother’s Day Trip

Those of you on Twitter or Facebook may have seen my post that The Boyo and I were going to Bellingham last weekend for Mother’s Day. So we packed up and left Saturday afternoon for the trek north. We took The Beast, his 1985 Ford Econoline van. We took Ms. Scarlett with us. And Friday, of course.

The Beast is a wonder. It wasn’t running when he got it, but he got one of his friends to fix it for him. It runs rough, has a cracked windshield, eats oil, but it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It’s also dirty, inside and out. Well, what do you expect from a carpenter’s van? I had been going to wear some of my light-colored summer pants, but thought better of it, and went with jeans and my darkest T-shirt and sweatshirt. He promised me he had steel ramps for getting Ms. Scarlett in and out of the van. Little did I know!

Bellingham is about 100 miles north of Seattle, and about 20 miles from the Canadian border. It’s in a hilly and heavily wooded area, and probably resembles Seattle 100 years ago. The area is growing because it’s still affordable, compared to Seattle. I lived there for ten years before I met The Boyo, and would move back if the buses were all accessible, and the doctors were better.

After we got there, we checked in to our motel. Note to Motel X, a room

Sunset on Bellingham Bay

Sunset on Bellingham Bay

for the phyiscally challenged needs more room. It’s nice that the doors are wide, and that the bathroom is big, but if you can’t park the wheelchair in the room, what good is it? Of course, it would also help if The Boyo didn’t pack for an overnight trip like we were going on a five year mission to outer space. (We ended up giving away half the food he brought with him.) Also, you need tubs with lower side walls for us physically challenged folks. And more handrails into the tub.

Saturday evening we took some of our food and had a picnic at one of the

More sunset on Bellingham Bay

More sunset on Bellingham Bay

parks overlooking the bay. We discovered that a project long talked about, extending the pier all the way to Fairhaven, an older part of town, had been completed, and that the potter’s studio had been reborn as a coffee shop. We walked the whole way along the pier, and back, watched the sunset, and went back to the motel.

Back at the motel, the first disaster happened. One of the ramps slipped and threw The Boyo and Ms. Scarlett onto the ground. The Boyo landed on one of his butt cheeks, and Ms. Scarlett landed on her left side. Eventually, he was able to get up, and get Ms. Scarlett righted, but it was kind of scary for a time.

To be continued…


  1. beautiful sunset

  2. bellingham sounds delightful! and what a great picnic!

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  4. Aaack, the suspense is killing me … off to read part two…

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