Posted by: silverstar98121 | May 13, 2009

More Mother’s Day Trip

Continued from here…

We were to meet The Boyo’s mother, sister and niece at one of those all you can eat buffets at about 11 AM. The Boyo decided to get up early and go to The Re-store, a place for salvaged building materials and hardware. Completely forgetting that it was Sunday, and they wouldn’t be open early. He managed to drive all the way there on a flat tire without noticing it was flat, thereby ruining the tire. The man is lucky, I tell you. One of his friends had a tire the right size mounted on a wheel he was willing to sell cheap. But we still ended up being late for the meal.

I’m not really fond of buffets. They are a trap, and you’ll eat too much if you are not wary. It is, however, apparently the height of fine dining for this family. Daisy Fae, your mother would fit right in with this bunch. His Mom is a tiny thing, I have no idea where she put all that food. I love her dearly, but she is a chatty thing. Worse, she had brought her partner with her, and took him back to the nursing home mid-meal, commanding us to stay right there. So we did. And waited. Meanwhile, the line out the door was growing. After all, it was Mother’s Day. When she got back, I was finally able to persuade her to move the chatting to the mall atrium, where there were comfy chairs and less noise. At last. She lives in a tiny 5th-wheel trailer, and The Boyo’s sis and niece live in a tiny apartment, so the visiting had to take place elsewhere. There were gifts for his Mom and Sis, and I was even presented with a yellow rose made out of feathers, despite the fact that the only thing I’ve mothered is several dogs.

You'd have to be Bill Gates to have a view like this in Seattle

You'd have to be Bill Gates to have a view like this in Seattle

The plan for after lunch was that we would go to a state park nearby. There is a heron rookery there, and lots of wildlife. Unfortunately, we ran into friends and relatives of his at lunch, and had to go and visit them.  We did go to one of the city parks on Lake Whatcom, but there weren’t even ducks there. I had hoped to get some shots of wildlife, but the closest we got to wildlife was a dead possom in the road. Meanwhile, Ms. Scarlett took another tumble at the park. Not good. All my efforts to persuade The Boyo to turn off the power and put it in push mode were of no avail. He would use the joystick, even though he knew how sensitive it was. By then it was time to head home.

We got home in good time, but Ms. Scarlett took another tumble at our

Old logging train at the park

Old logging train at the park

destination. I don’t think she will be riding in The Beast again unless there is proper rampage with lips on the side, and hardware to hook behind the bumper. We much prefer Amtrak, anyway.


  1. the water shot is lovely. Is that The Boyo in the foreground?

    • Yes,it is him.

      • You probably just didn’t recognise him without his Santa suit, nursemyra.

  2. Momma loooooves the “boo-fay”! Local trough is called the Golden Corral and holy crap is it a barn… we can’t get her out of then in less than 2 hours. she eats slowly and continuously… makes my head hurt….

    • I know just what you mean. This one is picky about service dogs, too. I dropped a crouton in Friday’s mouth, and they told me I couldn’t feed her there because her germs could get on the utensils. Hasn’t anybody ever told them dogs have cleaner mouths than humans?

  3. Poor Ms Scarlett!

    Is she okay now?

    • She’s apparently no worse for wear. Thank goddess!

  4. What an adventure! I’m glad Ms Scarlett emerged none the worse for wear. Your posts make me think about the way this house is laid out, believe me. We never know exactly what is in store for us later in our lives, it isn’t a bad thing to be prepared for limited mobility.

    When I am mowing the labyrinth the question always arises in my mind: I tried to create this labyrinth in such a way that it would be wheel chair accessible. I think when we originally laid the rocks on the sod, it probably was. The paths were 30 inches wide at that point. Now they are as wide as the wheels on the lawnmower, and I am wondering if a wheelchair would be able to fit between the rocks now that there is so much grass grown up next to them. I guess if it had a narrow wheel base.

    And, in my book anyone who mothers dogs is qualified to be rewarded on Mother’s Day.

  5. Oh, and cats too, of course.

  6. The world is a long way from being disability friendly…I enjoyed your two part post…Michelle

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