Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 28, 2009

A Trip to the Vet

We went to the vet yesterday. Nothing big wrong, just some nagging little problems for Friday. But still, the visit was overdue. I kept putting things off because of money issues. I don’t have that excuse now.

Off on the bus, and I get to play with my new toy, an app on the G-phone called Seattle Bus Finder. It finds you by GPS, and then it finds the buses on the route number you ask for. The most fun thing is having little icons that look like Seattle buses appear as if by magic on the map.

We get to the vets office at Elliott Bay Animal Hospital, and Friday starts trembling. Why, I don’t know. She’s never had anything really bad, like surgery happen here. We saw a new vet named Bridie O’Connor. I think her family may have hailed from Ireland. So we go over the whole deal of what needs doing, and then they whisk Friday off to the back to clean her ears out and look at some of the skin lesions she has. Two hours and an ungodly sum of money later, we are out of there, along with a whole bag full of pill and potions to take care of things. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks. Better lay in some peanut butter to get the pills down with. Getting old is crap.

I love these vets however. They have always seen Friday any time she needed it, and worked within my budget. And they did this time, too. I know where the cheap vets in Seattle are, too, but I like this place since it’s relatively near-by.

And speaking of relatively nearby, I no longer have to trek an hour one way on two buses to get dog food. Mud Bay Granary, a local chain of pet food stores, has moved to my neighborhood. Their prices are comparable to Petco, where I used to get my pet food, they carry the brand I’ve been using with her for years, which Petsmart doesn’t, and they are local. Perfect.

We stopped on the way home at KFC, because they were giving away free chicken. Yes, they’d give you a free piece of their new grilled chicken. Of course, I had a meal, but I still got an extra piece of chicken. What I really like is that they’ve changed the local KFC to include a Taco Bell, and now I don’t have to go way up north when I need a fix. And some nachos with my chicken.

Then on to Radio Shack to pick up some coax I need to get my HDTV card installed in my computer. There I hear about another service available to those of us who want to know where the fecking bus is called “My Bus”. Yes, I will be putting this on my phone, too. Especially for the stops where the assholes little darlings tear the schedules down. Of course, the printed schedules don’t tell you if your bus is late, either. But My Bus will. I still like the cute little bus icons, however.

Off home then, where The Boyo arrives just as I do. With his laptop which he wishes me to configure. And shortly after we fall into bed because we are both exhausted. No, honest, just sleepy.

I have a dull life, don’t I?


  1. did you work out what was wrong with shivvery Friday?

    • She’s got an ear infection, common in Cockers, and we think a bladder
      infection. But the trembling was just her being a drama queen.

  2. i suspect that she can smell the fear-pheromones of the other chicken pups! mr. p goes completely batty at the vet, even though there have been no major issues…

    and your life? sounds like fun! boppin’ here there and yonder and gettin’ shit done! kurt vonnegut believed that our true purpose on earth was actually ‘farting around’. i sometimes think he was right!

  3. “But the trembling was just her being a drama queen.”

    Uff, you should try taking the boys. It’s non-stop waily-waily-waily as soon as they leave the apartment, and when Sunny gets really extra nervous he pees inside the cage. Azar is even worse – at least Sunny is “user friendly” once he’s out of the box.

    Nice to hear you’re having so much fun with your new phone. Aren’t the apps great?

    • Dsangerous,too. I just missed a bus while looking at an app that was
      supposed to tell me where the bus was.

      • Ha! 🙂

        Have you come across one called Word Warp yet? Guaranteed addictive and “just one more-ish”…

  4. Missed the bus while. . . Oh my. That made me laugh, Silverstar!

    I suspect Daisyfae is right, Friday smells the fear scent exuded by other terrified animals. Ruby has never had a bad time at the vet, she has no trouble going into the building. But when we approach “The Room” the brakes go on and I swear she grows roots right into the concrete floor. No trembling, she vibrates her jaws and rattles her teeth together to express her emotions about being forced to go into The Room of Torture where they Poke You Full of Needles.

    Glad you got her fixed up, and yes getting old sucks. I approach it more and more each day and it sucks. And I haven’t even started to really deteriorate yet.

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