Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 22, 2009

A Trip to the Beach

Although the weather is supposed to be back to “normal”, whatever in the heck that is, today, yesterday was warm with highs in the low 70’s. So it was time to make the annual first trek to the beach. I made several mistakes, however. I wrongly assumed that a bus that was leaving the downtown area at a certain time would pass through Belltown. Nope, I should have gone downtown to catch it. Or the Water Taxi, but that’s for another day. The Water Taxi would have been faster. I got down there about 6PM. I forgot that no matter how warm it is downtown, it’s always cooler at the beach. The water and wind make a natural air conditioner.

I took (barely) enough clothes with me, thankfully. If I’d left either my sweatshirt or my hoodie at home, I would be an icicle right now. The first order of business was to have some dinner. The sign advertising Irish root beer drew me into the Celtic Swell. Daisy Fae, I have found your second career for you. An Irish pub, across from the beach, by the Statue of Liberty. With a nice, toasty fireplace. Unfortunately the Irish root beer turned out to be a mixture of rum, Coca Cola, and Guiness. Even if I drank, I don’t think I could have choked that down.

After dinner, a trek down to the promenade. First problem was finding a way down to it that didn’t involve steps. Finally found it at the end of the promenade, right by the beach proper. Lots of people were out, walking, scootering, biking, rollerblading, etc. And walking their dogs. This put Friday into “scratch and sniff” mode in this new, target rich area. So it was a slow walk. We passed the replica of the Statue of Liberty, and saw some Canada geese in the swells. If you look at the sky above the Statue of Liberty, you will see the wave clouds of the leading edge of the front coming in today.

Also on Alki Beach is the marker for where the Denny Party landed in 1851. Chief Sealth is probably whirling in his grave over what’s become of the land. A lot of the names on the plaque are familiar, as they’ve become street names, like Denny Way near where I live.

I got chilled hanging out there, so a stop at Starbucks to warm up was essential before hopping on the bus. I sat outside and took shots of the sunset while I had my cinnamon dolce latte. Alas, it all ended too soon, and it was time to get on the bus for home.  Friday is exhausted, so am I. Good night all.


  1. you nailed it! perfect place for me to tend bar when i retire! woo hoo – great pics! neat adventure!

  2. Irish root beer? Sounds delish!

    I’m suffering a bit o’ temporal displacement, though, over the repeated references to the Statue of Liberty. I thought that was on the east coast?

    Ah, right, you did say replica, didn’t you? Is it a life size replica or a cheap, cheesy scaled down version like that one I’ve seen pics of in Vegas?

    I once knew of a widower whose most persistent, repeated claim was that the Statue of Liberty (the real one) was the last woman he’d been inside…

    • It’s a small, cheesy, replica, Rob. But it’s all ours. And I don’t think
      anybody’s been inside her.

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