Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 21, 2009

Strange doings

Devastated local fauna

Devastated local fauna

Strange things happened yesterday. The first was the temperatures were in the 70° F range. This is unheard of in April, especially after last month and the first part of this month were so cold. It’s been hell on some of the local fauna, as you can see in the picture. The Boyo and I had to put them out of their misery. It was past their prime, anyway.

Then a really sucky thing happened. My vacuum cleaner quit. Well,

This really sucks!

This really sucks!

paused anyway, because the filter was dirty. I washed the filter, but I still had paper shreds all over the floor. When he came over, The Boyo noted my problem, and offered to bring up his new toy. A gigantic shopvac. And oh my, did that thing ever suck. It picked up all the paper shreds. However, The Boyo nearly lost something near and dear to him when he tried to goose me with it. Now that really sucked.

In addition, I seem to have found another way to pimp my blog and get more hits. I noticed that the day after I blogged about my miseries with SHA, I had more hits than I’d had in one day all year. This is not how I envisioned my blogging career. It got more hits than the post with the breastages of myself and Daisy Fae. That’s scary. It’s also scary that now SHA knows where I live in the blogosphere, and I can’t complain anonymously anymore. Darn.


  1. Devastated local fauna! LOL

    We have a shop vac exactly like that one and it indeed sucks big time! I use it to clean up after the Solstice tree because it doesn’t get indigestion the way my “regular” vacuum does when presented with wads of dried pine needles.

    I’m not sure why getting hits on the blog is so important, but it IS. I am always looking at my stats and rejoicing when the numbers are up, it satisfies some place in my psyche. But the post on my blog that gets the MOST hits, all the time, is the one where I scanned some of my favorite cartoons and posted them. Go figure.

  2. LOL on the fauna… I have had two shop-vacs die on me…

  3. ahhh – you’re a better woman than i am… those boxes would have been refrigerated, and the chocolate lovingly and painstakingly scraped from the innards. and eaten. in one sitting….

    • Oh. We ate them. After all, they died so that we might liive (better.)

  4. Well, that DOES suck! Pun intended.

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