Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 17, 2009

Let there be light…

Apparently it does pay to complain. Eight hours after I sent an email, my lights were fixed. Only downside, now I don’t have any excuse not to wash dishes.

It was a little embarrassing, though. I hadn’t slept in forever, and apparently, the electrician knocked and knocked, then came in and realized I was dead to the world in my bed. Friday must have been tuckered, too, because she didn’t wake up. And she’s getting deaf in her old age. So he left, and the assistant property manager called me to go open the door for him. I know he was in my apartment because they always lock the deadbolt when they leave, and I rarely do.

It was also embarrassing because it turned out that one of the fluorescent bulbs was just not installed properly, and all the electrician had to do was give it a little twist. All this folderol for a five minute job. Definitely farked.

For those who have been enquiring after my health and spirits on Twitter, I’m fine. It’s just that the sun has been shining, and I got the rest of my inheritance. This money is destined to go to fun stuff like savings, vet appointments, renter’s insurance and membership at the YMCA so that I can exercise in the pool, and be healthier. I did get one practical thing, however, another camera. This time I got a little point and shoot digital Canon A 460 Powershot. I wanted a camera I could haul around with me everywhere. I’ve been using it for two days now, and I like it, but I won’t be giving up my Nikon DSLR anytime soon. I notice I get a lot more camera shake with it, especially when Friday is attached to one arm, and milling around while I’m trying to shoot. But I got it for less than $100 at a going-out-of-business sale, so I can’t complain.

Meanwhile, the quest for a computer connection for the video camera is ongoing. I found a dongle with multiple tips that I can use to power the camera, now I just need a USB cord. I bought a protection plan with the camera, so if I can find the receipt, maybe I can force the store to force JVC to send me a cord. Not shooting much video until I can download it. Of course, finding the receipt means I have to clean the house. *le sigh*

I also got an HDTV card for my computer. Although I mulled getting an actual TV, and did get a converter box which I tried to hook up with my present set-up, the cheapest way to go was to get the HDTV card. Now if you know anybody who needs a converter box, I’ll sell it cheap. Apparently because of the government coupon program, you can’t return them.

Well, I’d better go. I have an HDTV card to install, and dishes to wash. I promise to get a Nature Note done this weekend, though.


  1. Glad to hear you’re not SAD anymore.

    Cute little camera. It’s great having one you can just slip into your pocket, but I agree with you about the camera shake problem. It’s good you have both options.

  2. don’t feel too bad about the fluorescents – i battled a similar problem at my old house for weeks. managed to get it all properly ‘tweaked’ just as i found renters for it…

  3. Eileen…don’t worry about the Nature Notes. I don’t want it to add to anyone’s stress and you have enough of it. When I was a kid utilities got turned off often enough that I always make sure that bill is paid first. I am lucky that I have my husband who didn’t walk away from his sick wife like some do. But I need some spring weather and sunshine to really improve my mood..hang in there…Michelle

    • Don’t worry Michelle, I’m not stressing about the Nature Note. It’s
      something I’m truly enjoying. And I have a doozy lined up for this week.

  4. not only do I have no internet connection at home, we can also only get one television channel, and it’s not the good one with all the documentaries 😦

    on the bright side i love my new house and will be back blogging by next weekend.

    great that you’ve got your inheritance, hope it makes life easier

  5. A great big whinge is always cathartic too…and if it brings light, even better!

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