Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 14, 2009


My rent check bounced. It bounced because another merchant deducted their payment twice. It’s not the crisis it would ordinarily be because the check for the savings I’m supposed to establish to prevent this sort of thing is in the mail, probably here today. I’m not as pissed at the merchant who deducted things twice, (partly my error) as I am at Seattle Housing Authority, which still requires a paper document to pay your rent. If they would move into the 21st century, they could get paid electronically, like all my other bills, and I wouldn’t have to contend with this crap. The money would come out of my account the day I got “paid”, and that would be that.

The other thing that’s pissing me off is that the lights haven’t been working properly in my kitchen for a week. The fluorescent tubes were replaced a couple weeks ago, but they’ve failed again. Something else is obviously wrong, like the ballast needs to be replaced. I put in a work order a week ago. Nothing has happened. I consider this a safety issue because the kitchen gets no natural light, and when the fluorescent tubes don’t work, all I have is a forty watt bulb in the range hood to work by. If water gets on the floor, I could slip in it and break something. If we were in the 21st century, I could put in a work order by computer, and probably get some idea when it would be fixed.

Part of the problem is our resident manager, who thinks he knows better than all of us what is an urgent maintenance problem. So he doesn’t turn in work orders in a timely manner. I also had a sink I couldn’t use for a week a while ago because he was being an asshole, and didn’t think a clogged sink was a big deal. But that sink connected to everything else, and would back up into the bathroom sink, shower, you get the picture. I considered this a sanitation crisis. Not so the manager. I finally had to call the emergency number in order to get action. And they sent someone out on overtime to fix it right then. I will probably have to call the emergency number tonight to get this fixed.

Another thing SHA should do is google themselves every day to see what people like me are saying about them. But then, we are poor people, beholden to them for our shelter, and so they don’t need to compete for our business. But they should be aware of their image on the ‘Net.

Oh, well, the sun is out. Guess I’ll go out and worship it.

Sunny flowers

Sunny flowers


  1. If my kitchen had so little light, I’d be out worshiping the sun, too!

  2. Sunshine can cure much, including foul moods.

  3. Actually, folks at the Seattle Housing Authority do check blog posts, though not every day. If you will e-mail me or give me a call at 615-3506 and let me know what building you live in, I will see what I can do to assist.

    • And obviously, there are some days I don’t get around to checking my comments. Sent you an email. Hope to have lights by the weekend.

  4. You’d love Sevilla … it’s almost always sunny. Wish I could send you some.

    Love those sunny flowers.

  5. WOW! A public Authority which keeps up with the times. Lucky Seattle 🙂

    • Yes, now if they’d only get electronic payments set up.

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  7. I, too, must deal every month with morons who are still operating as though it were 1950 and not 2009. You have my sympathies.

    Sorry about the long hiatus, Eileen. Nothing personal, believe me. I haven’t been on anyone’s site for a couple of months. Just ask Daisy Fae or Nurse Myra. I don’t have time right now to catch up completely, but felt I needed to at least check in. I’ll return again fairly soon.

    p.s.–in re: Facebook, I only use it now to announce updates on my blog homepage via RSS, and occasionally to post a link to something especially great, like Matt Taibbi’s latest blog post. I hate FB’s craptastic apps (again, nothing personal) and avoid them like the plague.


    • No problemo,Mark. No offense taken. I haven’t gotten to your posts lately
      either because I’m busy right now. We all have times like that. I’m actually
      sorry I bit on that particlarly craptastic app. Feel free to ignore any
      further errors of mine. Nurse Myra has been sadly absent also due to a house
      move. It’s going around.

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