Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 12, 2009

I Hope Your Easter was Hoppy

Mine was meh! Mostly because I’m into the “first holidays without Dad” syndrome. And it’s raining buckets. I spent most of the day in bed. Not to worry, it was mostly to catch up on a sleep deficit caused by sunshine last weekend, the excitement of spending lots of money, and the visit from Daisy Fae. Last week was such a blast!

So, anyway, don’t cry for me Argentina. And I leave you with this little time-waster.

Interactive Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry it’s only a link, but if you know WordPress, you know you can’t embed javascript. But it’s a blast.


  1. i’ve been snoozin’ a bit, too! first time on a bike since surgery, and just 10 miles pooped me out… here’s to more sunshine next week!

  2. *hugs*

    Holidays are the hardest, aren’t they?

    Catching up on sleep is good! I got a whole eight hours the other night and woke up feeling like a million bucks. Wish that would happen more often.

    Oh, and I just remembered we have a scrabble game going … off to take my turn now.

  3. Yeah, those first and second holidays and birthdays are so tough.

    Catching up on some sleep is great. I did the same.

  4. I didn’t eat nearly enough chocolate

    • Is there any such thing as enough chocolate? I was fortunate enough to be gifted with some totally crack chocolate. Yum! Lady Godiva, I love ya!

  5. A four day weekend and excellent (warm and sunny) weather made it good for the most part ’round here.

    The snow has almost all melted and now that they’re exposed to the sun, the irises are starting up with fresh green. Some of the trees are starting to bud.

    And the staff at local golf course are working on the greens and tee boxes.

    Despite everything else, all seems right with the world right now.

  6. I enjoyed the sunshine here but rain makes me feel like sleeping too. Thanks for the info on the scooters. I have a wheelchair, but I hate the darn thing. I am going to talk to my doc, but I doubt a case can be made that I need it in the house. What a stupid rule…..sigh….Michelle

    • Totally stupid rule, and one that was made long before the ADA came into effect. There are those among us that think that Congress meant the rule to be for use of DM “at home,” and that whoever wrote the administrative rules deliberately misinterpreted it to “in the home,” and further distorted it to say you can’t even need it to go get your mail at the end of the sidewalk. This was to save money, and now if you get a scooter that you need to go outdoors, they call it “fraud.” Totally pisses me off.

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