Posted by: silverstar98121 | April 11, 2009

(More) Lunch With Daisy Fae

So, on Friday we hit Pike Place Market for lunch, and a tour. We walked and rolled up to the market from her hotel, where we met. I think I could live there permanently. It is totally geeky. I’m hoping she gets around to posting some pics of that place.

First stop at Pike Place was Uli’s Bierstube, a great place for lunch. It’s attached to the Uli’s Famous Sausage shop, and boy do they have good sausage! I thought Daisy Fae was going to have a sau-gasm when she first bit into her sandwich. Apparently, the beer there is good, too, but you’ll have to ask her about that. We had the Hungarian Kolbacz with grilled peppers and onions, which was the special today.  Sadly, the fryer was being cleaned,so we didn’t the fries with garlic mayonnaise that was supposed to come with it. Happily, the hot pretzels with two mustards they substitued were wonderful. In fact, in the future I will probably order that instead of fries because their orders of fries are enough for about three people. (Yes, the Diva Dog and I are known there. They usually have my drink order (2 Diet Cokes) on the table before I even get parked.) I don’t know why this place isn’t jam packed at lunch, other than it hasn’t been open that long. The young men who work there are totally cute, too. I”m old, not dead.

Pink Daffodils

Pink Daffodils

Then we wandered around Pike Place Market, which is a labyrinth of shops and buildings. We took in the flower stalls, where the daffodils and tulips still reign supreme. And found some, get this, pink daffodils.  Today we were starting to see branches of cherry blossoms, along with the pussy willow.

We then spent an hour wandering around, past all the gimcracky tourist stuff for sale, and some of the more earnest offerings. Across the street to where the cheese factory is, and the best coffee shop in Seattle, (no, it’s not the original Starbucks, which is also in the market.) And into the back where they have a rummage sale going on all the time, with different vendors every day. Back over then to Market Spice, (estab. 1911) where we snatched one of their sample cups of Market Spice Tea, the best tasting cinnamon-orange tea in the world.  Daisy Fae had to get a box of that to take home with her. This place has spices you can’t find in the grocery store, and you can buy some of them by the quarter-ounce, handy for things like saffron, which are both expensive, and you don’t need much of for a recipe.

By then it was time to walk back to the hotel. We didn’t get to go to “Down Under”, which has some of the earthier shops. Maybe next time. The weather was totally Seattle, cool with  mizzle, somewhere between mist and drizzle. It’s also called Oregon mist, because it missed Oregon and came up here. After walking around for an hour at Pike Place, which is mostly open air, and walking back to the hotel, I was freezing. So I got to sit for a bit in the hotel bar, which has a fireplace in the middle, and warm up. Then magic time was over, I had to leave my new friend and get on the bus to home. But I have a lot of good memories, and hope Daisy Fae will be able to come back again soon. Anybody else who wants a tour guide when they come to Seattle, I’m available. I work cheap, too, you just have to buy me lunch or dinner, and pay my way into any attraction I don’t have a get in free card for.


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    • Made it home – gnarly redeye, but nothing that a good afternoon nap with my pup couldn’t cure! Got the post up with the hotel pics – thanks again for sharing my ‘geek-a-tude’ about that place! Wonderful, wonderful visit – thank you for being such a gracious hostess! And folks – she’s a wonderful tour guide! Worth the price of the sausage – and more!

  2. Where can I order the pink daffodil bulbs from?

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