Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 30, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

To a Mouse by Robert Burns

And so yesterday totally “gang agley.” To the point I was ready to just crawl into my bed and cover my head. It started out well with some advance planning on Saturday, but the planets must have been colliding or something.

The Boyo and I were getting ready to go to our first ritual in over a year. This after missing Yule because of snow, and Imbolc because we were having an out of money experience. But it all seemed like a go this time. We were going to meet Best Gal Pal there. I planned to get up early and make lasagna for the potluck. I had also looked up what bus(es) to take to get there.

But I didn’t get up quite early enough, and the lasagna was still cooking when The Boyo got there.  I still needed a shower. OK, so that put us a little behind and we would miss most of the “Sunday School” portion of the program. Not a problem. But when we were ready, it was a little later. Not to worry, I had the itinerary printed out. We could still get there for the ritual.

So we start out to the bus stop. Friday stops to poop twice. Which is when I realize I don’t have my purse with me I’ve  run out of poop bags. In addition, without my purse, I don’t have my bus pass, so I will have to pay. And The Boyo doesn’t have any change. He goes to the little store right next to the bus stop to get change. We have ten minutes. And the bus pulls up right on time. The Boyo comes out of the store just as it’s pulling away. Great. If I’d had my cell phone, which was also in my purse, I could have called him to get his ass out there.

Not to worry, the next bus should be along shortly. Of course, it is 15 minutes late. And we have to change buses with this one. Lovely. So it becomes apparent that we will get there in the middle of the ritual. Unless the group runs on Pagan Standard Time, which is a half hour late.

We get try to catch another bus that would get us there but no, it pulls away from the stop. We get off at the stop where we are supposed to change buses to find the next one. It pulls up shortly. Naturally, this is where the drivers take their break. So we had to wait until she was off her break. We get to our ultimate stop, and the building we want can be seen in the distance, a block away. And we are forty minutes late.

Getting to the building was problematic because it was built on a small rise, and there are only steps leading to it until we had gone a block.  At which time we find a winding path paved in gravel. We get into the building, find where the group is meeting, and go upstairs. Thank goddess for elevators.

When we get there, we can see through a small glass pane in the door, and it’s obvious directions are being called. It’s either the beginning or the end of the ritual. We are almost an hour late, so I’ll let you guess which it was.

When we are sure the ritual is over, we go in, and find a bunch of Pagan folk wearing bunny ears, flower headbands and butterfly/fairy wings. BGP was loverly in a pair of blue fairy wings. With silk flower petals spread all over the floor. Sorry I missed it.

So we set up the potluck and visited with BGP and the other folk, then headed home after helping clean up. Of course, that was when we found the easy way in and out of the building.

So BGP and The Boyo are walking ahead of me and Friday decides to poop again. I have no bags. They can’t hear me. Sorry, people, I was one of the bad people who didn’t pick up their poop yesterday. Please forgive me.

We did get home uneventfully, for which I’m grateful. The evening was a little different. Remind me to tell you about The Boyo making pizza sometime.


  1. you are nothing if not tenacious! i’d have given up with either the forgotten purse or the first missed bus connection! wow… remind me to have you at my back when the world comes to an end! you’ll never give up!

  2. oh dear…. what a hard day

  3. i’m with daisyfae…tenacious only begins to describe you. i’d likely have found reason to give up 4 or 5 times through that ordeal…not that i’d need a reason as one was being presented every 15 minutes it seems… glad you rescued some of it.

  4. You never know when things are going to coincide against you. Sounds like you had a very trying day; glad you were able to salvage something out of it.

  5. A good plan is only good until you start to execute it. In your case, it would seem the universe was sending you signs to cease and desist.

    Glad you made it and had fun anyways.

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