Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 26, 2009

Nature Notes 2


I am going to challenge myself and hopefully you to take a look at nature. What is going on in your area? Is it spring in your part of the world or are you heading into cold weather. Take a little walk….. look at something you might never had paid attention to..a flower…a animal…What changes are taking place?..Is your garden starting to come to life again?..Step outside and close your eyes. What do you hear? …take a deep breath…What do you smell?

Please visit Michelle at Rambling Woods for more Nature Notes.

I’m afraid Mother Nature is on my poop list this week. The litte darling decided to bring winter back in this first week of Sping. It’s been colder than normal, and we had some heavy snow in the mountains. Which makes the folks that watch our water reserves happy, but me, not so much.

Any new flowers that were thinking about sticking their little heads out decided to hold off for a week or so. Today is the first decently warm day all week, tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too. But the rain will be back for the weekend. Phooey!

Most of the nature news for me is inside. One of my African violets is blooming great guns, and my zygocactus is begining to blossom. This is unusual because they supposedly need complete dark for six weeks to bloom. Also, their common name is Christmas cactus, so they are a little out of time. The side of my coleus, that I rooted from a sprig I stole from the park around the corner has some interesting color. Part of it has the deep purple color we associate with coleus, but the part that is farther away from the window looks really washed out. So I turned it around so that it won’t grow lopsided.

Those blue things sticking up in the coleus and zygocactus are blown glass autowaterers. They are great for folks like me who tend to ignore their plants. I can see when they are empty and fill them again. The African violets live in autowatering pots. The only problem is that one is deeper than the other, and the shallow one gets empty before the deep one. And suddenly, the one in the shallow pots starts drooping.

One more observation, the aqua globes are empty, and the shallow African violet is drooping. Perhaps I should water soon?

Click to enbiggen.

I had errands to run today, but maybe tomorrow I will get out with the camera, before we go back to rain on Saturday. Now if I can only get my other violet to bloom.


  1. christmas cactus must be time travelin…. love the violets!

    • Hey, I’m just happy its blossoming. I got it for Christmas in 2007, and this is the first time it’s showed any interest in doing anything other than sitting there.

  2. This is perfect for Nature Notes and I am envious of anyone who can have plants around their house. I used to have many hanging plants and otherwise and all the cats left them alone..until the two orange destroyers came to live with us. I gave most of them away and a couple hide in the spare bedroom with the pet frog who also has to hide from the cats.

    I have heard of those water globes, but didn’t know if they worked. That is a nice idea as I don’t always remember to water the plants that are hidden away.

    I know you had some bad weather and for a change ours wasn’t too bad..but eventually it will be summer….Have a great weekend…Michelle

    • Thanks, Michelle. I was afraid it wouldn’t make the cut, with so many wonderful posts and photos in this meme.

  3. Hi,
    So glad you visited my Nature Notes post today.
    I enjoyed reading yours. My MIL was a wonderful grower of African violets – not me. I killed every one I ever had. 🙂
    I scrolled down and quickly skimmed a few posts and your profile.
    I’ll be back for sure.

  4. Thanks for sharing your Nature news. Here the cold made a come back to but we are hoping for warmer weather next week.

  5. It’s autumn here – the leaves are just beginning to turn…..

  6. Yes, get that camera out and show us what you have around there.
    Great post, Eileen.

  7. “I am envious of anyone who can have plants around their house.”

    I hear ya, Rambling Woods. One of my cats even manages to eat the few plants that are hanging from the ceiling and supposedly way out of his reach … go figure.

    I’d love to have more plants around the house.

  8. Houseplants are such a great way to enjoy nature when the weather keeps you inside. I used to have loads, but didn’t have the windows or space in the old house. I’m looking forward to growing things indoors again.

  9. Sometimes you just have to look inside when it’s not so nice outside. I just started growing African violets as starts from the woman I work for. They took forever to get started but it was worth it. Now when I go to the grocery store I pinch a leaf off a plant that I really like. Hey, it’s recycling right?

  10. Okay, once I do a little visiting around the blogosphere I am going to make a post of pictures I took walking around the place this morning during and between the rain showers we are enjoying. The darn weatherman is promising us snow and a pretty cold night and I REALLY don’t want to see that happen now that I have plums set on the trees by the vineyard. Darn it. Spring is ALMOST here, but winter has a few little breaths to blow at us saved up.

    • I hate to see it, too. We are supposed to have snow in the mountains, too.
      And it’s way too cold for my tastes.

  11. I did make a real nature note to share. I certainly had a good time doing it too. You’ll enjoy meeting the Citrine Dragon.

  12. I’m sorry you got zapped by winter but you certainly have some beautiful plants to bring nature inside.

  13. I bought the cats spider plants and they eat those. Haven’t died yet, so I guess they’re not poisonous. Does that make me a bad cat mother?

    I can’t grow violets, I’m jealous of yours, but I have other plants that are sort of pretty. Not the cat-chewed ones, of course. They always look like shit.
    Anyway, you’ve spurred me to want to show off the flowers. Maybe tomorrow …

  14. There’s still a lot of snow here, although it is slowly starting to recede. Mind you, the melting is bringing forth the odour of cat urine like nobody’s business. Need some good cleansing rains to try to wash that stench away.

    I’m not much for indoor plants. There are still some I haven’t killed yet, but they’re likely on life support. It was my late wife’s thing, really. I’ve told the kids to go ahead and take them but no joy on that so far.

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