Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 23, 2009

Deep Doggie-Doo

Ever since I saw this article on Slog, I’ve been meaning to write about this. I know most dog owners pick up after their dogs. If they didn’t, with the number of dogs in my Belltown neighborhood, we’d be knee deep in the stuff. But their’s always a few.

Apparently, some think it is the denizens of my building who are the doggie-doo-0011guilty parties. Why else would this sign show up outside our door. And it may be. There is a couple of dog walkers/owners that I never see carrying a plastic bag. And I’m the only one in the building who has the bag thing attached to her leash.

Thankfully, all the dogs in our building are smaller than the two Cocker Spaniel service dogs. Small dogs equal small turds. But other dogs do walk by. The other day there was such a big pile on the sidewalk, it must have come from a Great Dane.

Even more annoying was  the bunch of turds right beside the steps to another building, which I encountered the other day. I picked both them and the giant pile up. The ones by the steps were dried. How do people just walk by them?

OK, I know it’s not fun to pick up dog poop. But it’s part of the deal of having a dog in the city. So either move out to the suburbs and let them poop on your lawn, or pick it up, dammit. Hey, I’m in a wheelchair, and I manage. When I can’t manage it, I won’t have a dog. It’s simple. If you’ve got two good legs, you have no excuse.

So I’m on a mission. When I pick up Friday’s poop, I pick up any other poop that is nearby. So, although I’m only working one block (usually), I like to think I’m making the world a better place.

I guess you can file this one under rants.


  1. i’m with ya… i’m pretty cranky right now about the same issue. in my condo complex, it’s required that you pick up the poo. all winter, my prolificly poo-filled mutt dropped morning and afternoon dukie during our walks. and i’ve faithfully picked it up…

    i’ve spotted a woman with a yellow lab who always has a poo bag. and another pet owner with two corgis who has the ‘doo-bag leash’ thing like we do…

    but there are TONS of turds. EVERYWHERE. Do these folks think i LIKE picking up warm turds in my hand, separated only by about 3-5 mils of plastic? ARGH.

    i’m trying to nail the offenders. there aren’t that many in the neighborhood. and i’m going to get photographic evidence. and become THAT neighbor…

    (sorry. end echo rant….)

  2. I like dogs. But I’ll admit that I do get annoyed when neighbourhood dogs come and crap in my yard. I’ve been known to chunk the odd piece of scrap wood now and then. Only one hit so far though. *Sigh*

    What is currently really pissing me off is the f**king cat that is pissing on the front door. Cripes, that stinks! If I catch that motherf**ker, it’s dead.

    • Sounds like a feral tom, Rob. You might want to trap it in a humane trap (animal control agencies will often lend them to you, or you can rent them) and get rid of the little darling before kitten season gets in full swing. He’s already marking his territory, and apparently your front step is part of it.

  3. Thank you for picking up the poo. It’s gross. nO one likes to do it. But someone has to. I may not live near you but I’m glad there is someone out there cleaning up

  4. If I believed in karma I’d say you’re building up a lot of the good stuff by picking up another dog’s droppings

    • Does this mean my karma ran over your dogma?

  5. I agree that all dog owners are responsible for picking up after their pet. However, the solution to pet waste is to NOT put it in the trash! This puts waste in the local landfills where it can contaminate the water source. Pet waste is known to be one of the leading causes of ground water contamination. Composting is also a poor solution as many experts claim that composting does not create temperatures high enough to kill the bacteria present in pet waste. sells the original, 100% flushable bag. It’s unique, two ply design allows the bags to hold together when they need to yet dissolve quickly in water. We also offer the WasteAway which is a back yard waste receptacle that mounts easily to your home near the plumbing cleanout. You simply scoop the waste, deposit it into the WasteAway, give it a quick shot of water and the waste is flushed into the sewer system. This keeps pet waste out of the trash and our local landfills. View these and other pet waste disposal products at

    • So what you are saying Jeff is that we should avoid the step where the poop goes into the trash, and then to the landfill, where it MAY contaminate the ground water, and contaminate the water directly? IMHO, we haven’t come up with a really good way to handle fecal matter, either ours or our pets. I’ll worry about the doggie doo in the trash when we quit using disposable diapers. Next time you post, they should send you to SPAM!

  6. Silverstar, Yes I am saying that we should keep pet waste out of the landfills. There are mountains of data to prove that up to 90% of fecal chloriform contamination in landfills is of “non-human origin” (numbers vary slightly from study to study) To the contrary, we have come up with a good solution to properly treat waste via sewage treatment plants or properly designed private septic systems. I agree with your comment about diapers but that is a matter that is outside of our systems which I very stongly believe is, at least, a partial solution to the waste problem. Our bags are not made of plastic as the so called “biodegradable bags” are. This is another entire issue that our products solve…reducing the amount of plastic that is dumped in the landfills. As for my message being spam, I’m sorry if you believe that a company expressing an opinion about a particular problem that you don’t happen to agree with should be considered such. Companies in this country are most often at the forefront of solutions to societal problems.

  7. That graphic is hilarious.
    I’ve got a huge compost pile where the scoop goes and it all keeps my plants quite healthy.

    People around here are great about picking up after their dogs.

  8. Please don’t use that in your vegetable garden. The average compose system does not generate enough heat (140 degrees) to kill the bacterial in animal waste.

  9. “Does this mean my karma ran over your dogma?”


  10. Silverstar, you are performing a noble public service and should be nominated for “Local Heroes.” Not only do I clean up after my dog, I do after other people’s dogs too, plus pick up litter.

    Jeff, you need to stop being so anal about bacteria. My compost pile does indeed get to 160 degrees and if it doesn’t kill all the germs, so what? I have 90 dozen wild birds, squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons, and skunks shitting all over my two acres, so a little dog poo doesn’t scare me.

    Yes people should and MUST clean up after their dogs. Be thankful you are not in Paris where they are doing DNA tests on all dogs and if they find your dog’s poo they match the DNA and fine you. A lot.

    Furthermore, I have dealt with my neighbor’s dogs taking a dump on my lawn by picking it up, putting it in a bag, and taking it to them. I do not do the “light the bag on fire and ring the doorbell” even though the temptation is high. I ring the doorbell, hand them the bag, and let them know what it is (dog shit), why I am giving it to them (it came from their pooch) and nicely requesting that I no longer have to perform this service for them. I rarely have to make more than two visits to an offender; I think they are afraid of having to converse with an obviously insane person. Picking up after their dog is safer.

  11. Furthermore, Jeff, I find your assertion that pet waste is KNOWN to be one of the leading causes of ground water contamination to be interesting, at the least. Personally, I am more willing to believe that all those disposable diapers and menstrual products that are not rotting in the landfills to be a much more meaningful contributor of groundwater contamination, but god forbid that we should stop using these extremely useful and profitable (for certain corporations) products. No, instead we should use YOUR profitable (for your company) product. Personally, when I pick up after my dog I use a piece of toilet paper and then flush the results when I get home. No doubt you have some sort of statistic that proves this is not the right thing to do.

    Actually, there are many times when I actually use my BARE HANDS for the pickup, finding them to be the most useful tools for the operation. I do not then have to operate the controls of a wheel chair, though! I find that my hands are very easy to wash. But I realize I am a weirdo.

    • You go, HMH! I’m pretty sure a much bigger threat to the ground water than what’s in the landfills is all the manure holding ponds on cattle ranches and feedlots. As a matter of fact, I do believe an outbreak of e coli on some vegetable or other was linked to a feedlot operation that contaminated the ground water. I agree, I think folks are too whacked out about bacteria, and children never get a chance to use their lovely immune systems. So any little cold fells them for days. It may be that the chicken pox, measles and mumps that used to run through 1st grade classes served a purpose.

  12. HMH. I make no apologies for being a business that makes a profit. I am well aware of the fact that there are other environmental problems as well. We are just addressing one of them. As for the facts I have state, I stand by them. I have done a tremendous amount of research of this topic and I suggest you do the same. I find it interesting that I ended up in a forum that, no matter what you say, you are blasted and criticized for it because I represent a for-profit company. Look around you at all of the everyday products that solve certain problems made for you by private companies that make our daily lives better, safer, or more convenient.

    • No Jeff, you are taking flack because you came here where we chat like neighbors and tried to sell us something we obviously don’t want. And can’t take some very broad hints that you are unwelcome. I should have saved you all of this trouble by sending your comment to spam. The comments on this post are now closed.


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