Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 19, 2009

Nature Notes

nature-notes2Michelle over at Rambling Woods started this new meme,  to which she posts  each Thursday, and I decided to join her for this Thursday, anyway. Life in the city is a little different. There’s no wildflowers nearby to speak of, unless they are in the Arboretum, but I haven’t been there in years, and then it was to the formal gardens. So we will have to make do with what’s been planted by man. Or woman, as the case may be.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of the flowering trees in the building’s courtyard, (which would be better given over to P-patches for the growing of vegetables, or allotments as the Brits call them) was starting to bloom. Ah, the first real harbinger of spring. Perhaps because it is surrounded by concrete and brick walls, it is inevitably the first thing in the neighborhood to bloom naturally.

Friday and I took a wander over to Seattle Center, where the daffodils that were poking their leaves up at the end of January have finally bloomed. You may remember them, they were featured in the header for a while. The winter pansies are still going great guns, and now hyacinths and crocuses have joined the daffodils. I can see the leaves of the tulips starting to emerge, they will bloom next month, although it’s been so cold it may be after Easter before they bloom.

We went into Center House, which used to be an old armory, and has very high ceilings. In the past I have occasionally seen a bird in there. They come in the automatic doors, I believe. Now, because of the cold weather, (and Cliff Mass confirms our temps have been below normal, makes one fear a repeat of the June-uary of last year) there seems to be several pairs nesting in there. Attemps to stalk the little darlings with my camera and telephoto lens came to naught. Either they perched too high, or when I could have gotten them, they were moving too fast. Darn. The place sounds like an aviary, and I don’t particularly care for the birds in there as it is the food court for Seattle Center.

Back outside and (ah-ah-ah choooooooo!) A yes, the trees are indeed budding. And I am allergic to tree pollen. I thank the goddess of healing (my doctor) for the prescription for Flonase (or generic equivalent thereof) so that I might live through the springtime.

Near the Mural Amphitheater I see the forsythia is blooming like mad. These delicate yellow flowers always say “Spring” to me because they were the first thing to bloom in my grandmother’s garden.

Back to the building, and what should catch my eye in the blooming tree but Mr. Squirrel. The one that the residents leave peanuts out for in clear violation of building rules. Yeah, their cute, until they fall out of the tree into your walker basket and scare you half to death (true story.) They are also rodents and carry all sorts nasty bugs. Which is why we aren’t supposed to feed them. Attempts to get a picture of his cute little face while he was in the tree came to naught, but I did manage to get his arse when he hopped over to the wall. I even violated Sacred Space (the community room where Friday is not supposed to go) in order to stalk him in the courtyard, but he was faster than I. And that is our nature notes for today. Here for your enjoyment is a video of my nature adventures. P.S. You could watch my St Patrick’s Day video, too.


  1. Thanks so much for participating in Nature Notes Eileen. I love the prose and the video. I LOL at the mental picture of a squirrel falling into your walker basket. Don’t worry too much about the squirrels carrying illness. They probably have some little friends in their fur, but they don’t spread illness like some of their small cousins….I am off to watch your St. Patrick’s Day video…Michelle

  2. Can’t even see road yet in some places let alone green spaces, so thanks for this.

  3. nice video silverstar. particularly like the hyacinths and sunny daffodils

  4. Great idea, to do a video presentation. I admire a photographer willing to break a few rules to get a shot, too, you rebel you.

  5. your video skills are rockin’… we’re about 2 weeks behind you on the flowers. can’t wait!

  6. The irises are the first things to bloom in our yard. Just have to melt off that two feet of snow that still covers them….

  7. Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us. Your header is beautiful.

  8. Great video!

    As you know, I’m enjoying the orange blossom (azahar) at the moment. And I heard the first blackbird the other day.

    For me orange blossoms + blackbirds = spring.

  9. Mmmm. Beautiful slideshow. I thought we might get some more ducklings this spring, but I haven’t found any eggs yet.
    Just a whole lot of romping in the pool.

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