Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 12, 2009

New Wheels

I have new wheels. Yes, my new(er) wheelchair has been inspected, detected and purchased, and is even now sitting in my hallway taking up space I don’t have.  It’s doing this because I haven’t gotten rid of Dad’s old chair yet. I’m trying to figure out whether to donate it somewhere for parts, or just have The Boyo take it to the dump. It won’t last long, as much as is mechanically wrong with it, but the frames on them are practically indestructible.  And if I take it to the dump, the batteries have to be haz-matted. Fark.

Meanwhile, I’m loving my new ride. I got it Tuesday, after many adventures. First, my sister said she would be available to call for a credit card number. The Boyo was taking me over there, and I was going to ride the bus back. He shows up before the shop is even open. Or my eyes were more than slitted for that matter.

I call the shop to make sure they still have the chair. Indeed they do. The Boyo wants me to call my sister, too. I assure him this is all set up. And off we go to the Eastside. After I put some gas in his tank.

We get over there, and my sister doesn’t answer her home phone. She also doesn’t answer her cell phone. Fark. So I wait awhile, then I try again. No go. So finally I call her hubby’s cell phone to ask him if he knows where she is and when she might be available. And wherever she is, she’s with him, so I luck out. We get the number, and I get the chair.  And off I go on the bus.

When I get to the park and ride where I’m supposed to change buses, I take the right bus going in the wrong direction. Oh, great. I end up at the last stop at another park and ride, and ask the driver where to catch the bus going the other direction, it’s obviously not there, wrong side of the road. He says across the parking lot. So off I go, and I have the only luck for the day, my bus comes shortly after I get to the stop. This is good because it’s been snowing, and it’s farking freezing in Seattle and environs. When I get downtown, I make the mistake of driving the wheelchair home, it’s really too cold for that.

I like this chair a lot better. It actually steers correctly. It’s narrower at the base, so there is room for Friday beside me on the bus lift. It’s much more comfy, with a higher back. The low back on my dad’s chair was causing me neck pain.

So the time has come to pimp my ride. I know I need a cup holder, what’s a ride these days without a cup holder? And a cane holder would be good, too. Then there is all the other suggestions for pimping out my ride. All in good time.

Buff asked in the comments what I was going to name my ride. I didn’t know then, but after further consultations with Buff, the only other wheelie that I know in blogland, I’ve decided to name it after that great story by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, The Scarlet Pimpernel. Or the Scarlet Pimp for short. As they say on Twitter, see what I did there?


  1. Congratulations on your new ride! I’m glad you are liking it. I would say donate your old chair somewhere for parts. If the frames really don’t ever wear out, then possibly it can be rebuilt for someone else. Then you won’t have to deal with the battery thing either.

    • My preference is to donate it, HMH, but not every charity is set up to accept something that is nearly at the end of its useful life. And some people take advantage of charities by dumping pure crap on them that then must be hauled to the dump with the attendant costs. I have asked Scooterman what he thinks, and since he is involved in the charity, would have a better idea of what they need/want. I will be guided by his answer.

  2. heh-heh-heh! Good name.

    Your new sedan chair sounds great. Is it narrow enough to attach a sidecar for Friday? 🙂

    • Not narrow enough for a sidecar to get on the bus. That will be for the
      summer when we go cruising.

  3. Hooray! I love your choice of names. That was one of my favorite books growing up. Now, I feel an itching to read it again.

  4. So the boyo helped you get your very own pimp?

    • Yes, isn’t he a sweetie? How many men would help you get your own pimp?

  5. A slight rip-off of Charlie Daniels’ “Easy Rider”

    “Alright, who owns this chair?

    With the peace sign, the mag wheels

    And four on the floor?”

    When you’re pimpin’ out your new chair Holmes, don’t forget about the dingleballs!


    • I was thinking more along the lines of fuzzy dice, Rob. I already have the mag wheels, now just need the big peace sign. I could put my bumpersticker that says “My Cocker Spaniel is smarter than your honor student” on it.

  6. Thinking about getting this sticker for The Pimp.

  7. The Pimp. I love that. LOL.

    It’s great to hear you have a new ride AND there’s room for the pup.
    Kudos for Boyo for finding it and helping you get it. He’s such a great guy.

  8. Well done, Silverstar. Love the name as well.

    Photos coming up soon?

  9. show us a pick!

  10. Glad you got the new ride.

  11. we put a horn, bicycle ‘tassles’ and a leather side sack for smokes on momma’s chair… The Pimp Rides! love it!

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