Posted by: silverstar98121 | March 9, 2009

Oh, S(no)w!

So it’s been predicted that we will have snow in my part of Seattle. It’s been predicted for a couple of days now. But when I’ve looked outside, the sun was shining. So Friday and I decided to take a trip over to Seattle Center.

It may have been sunny when we started out, but the sun was shining through a bunch of clouds. We started out anyway, but by the time we got over there, it was starting to spit snow. By the time we had our Starbucks and cinnamon roll, it was really coming down. For the most part it was melting, and not sticking, thank heaven. And the flakes were tiny.

So we start rolling home in a blinding snow storm, and this day Friday decides to stop and poop about every 50 yards. I think she used up her allotment of poop bags for a couple of days at least. No sooner would I put one in the trash, she would poop again. Fark. In a snowstorm. And I was getting cold and wet.

We eventually did manage to get back to the building, and got into the elevator with  a man I didn’t recognize, but who was obviously from the Middle-East. He got off on the floor below me, and I took Friday’s leash off. Mistake! FAIL! The elevator door hadn’t shut yet, and she took off for home. Unfortunately, it was the wrong floor.

And of course, the man was at a door, and the door was open, and she decided to go in and investigate. EPIC FAIL! The people were Muslims. There is a line in the Hadith that reads; “The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” And now there was a dog in their house. And it looked like they had set up for a ritual of some sort. Oh, heavens.

So I captured my dog, and apologized profusely. But when the door shut, I could hear the woman screaming. Good thing I don’t speak Arabic, or whatever language. I would feel the same way if somebody let a dirty, smelly goat into my place. I was so embarrassed!

The snow quit shortly after I got home, but according to the Cliff Mass Weather Blog, we’re in for more of it than first predicted. I predict a couple of days reading murder mysteries, cooking stew, and baking bread.


  1. ack! sounds like Friday was getting mega-signals from The Dog Planet that day… can you get her to wear an aluminum foil hat?

  2. Giggling at the mental image of Friday disrupting Muslim prayer. That is too funny! (Despite your embarrassment silverstar.)

    That snow thing? We woke up to heavy snow falling on Saturday morning with plans to go into the city. I had just shovelled out a couple of feet worth of drifts from the sidewalks so it wasn’t thrilling me that much to see more snow.

    Of course, our snow still stays and as I shovelled yet another couple of feet yesterday I was astounded at how high the banks were getting. It is March, isn’t it? Between snow and intense cold, it felt like January. (Still does, we’re under a heavy Arctic influence for another couple of days with temps approaching that point where C and F are equal.)

  3. *giggle* ….I can just hear her cursing your infidel dog! Haha.

    • Infidel dog! Love it. Now I know what to call her next time she pees on my bed.

  4. I have to admit I giggled a bit but maybe some of that homemade bread might be a yummy apology. I volunteer to let Friday run through my house if I could have some!

  5. Infidel dog, that’s good. You know, if Friday wouldn’t have gone visiting, it would have just been a snow story. That dog has upped her blog value points.

    • Yep, probably going to keep her in dog food, just for the blog fodder.

  6. Hmm, while I think ritualistic prayer is a bit OCD, I feel for your embarrassment. And about the snow thing. Really over snow here.

  7. reading murder mysteries, cooking stew and baking bread sounds like a fine way to spend your days

  8. Ha, “infidel dog” made me laugh too. 🙂

  9. Uh oh . . .

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