Posted by: silverstar98121 | February 19, 2009

She’s Baaaaack!

And oh, do I have tales to tell! They will have to wait a bit, as having been away for a week, there are lots of things to catch up on. It is amazing I survived a week without internet access. Which is what happens when you live with old people for a week.

And many thanks to my fans who worried about me. I have survived. I’m home. Friday is OK, and The Boyo came to help me with things at the airport. Off to go ride in my new (to me) power chair.

Later, peeps!


  1. ‘Bout time! Welcome back!


  2. *phew* I was starting to get worried

  3. Welcome back:)

  4. Well, there you are!


    • Love to have some Scrabble. How much am I allowed to cheat?

  5. Whew! Enjoy the new wheels!

  6. Welcome back, Eileen.

  7. Welcome back! It’s amazing how someone’s virtual presence can be reality missed! (Did I just make a pun?) 8)

  8. You ARE trippy, lady- just the way we like you.

  9. Hola Ms..and welcome back.

  10. Thank goodness, I was worried!

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