Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 30, 2009

Protective Dog to the Rescue

There were some guys hanging around outside my apartment earlier. Literally hanging, as from a scaffold. Outside. The construction crew has been working to finish up the punchlist and get the heck out of this project. Yesterday they came into the apartment to make sure all the cranks worked, and clean up little dibs and dabs that were left over from the installation. And finally put the screens on. Today they were cleaning up and recaulking the outside.

Friday had been sleeping in the bedroom, where the blinds are closed. I guess  she must have heard something outside, because she came running out of the bedroom, spied the guy spead-eagled on my living room window, and started barking at him.  Of course, being the friendly dog she is, she was also wagging her tail the whole time.

Which makes me wonder why she didn’t wake me up for the earthquake this morning? I would say it begs the question, but that is a logical fallacy, I’ve learned. Yes, we had a 4.5 magnitude earthquake about 5:25 AM this morning, and I so slept through it.

Richter scale is an algorithmic scale, so that every whole number increases the amplitude by 10. But you science nerds knew that, right? So this one was 100 times less than the Nisqually quake I lived through in 2001. That  quake damaged the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which Seattle has been debating how to replace it ever since. And every earthquake brings fears that the viaduct will collapse. So it’s nice that someone has put up a website to tell us if the viaduct has collapsed, and the time and magnitude of the last quake. I’m sure that all the people working in SoDo will check the site before they head home to Ballard.

And that’s all the news from Seattle. Have a good weekend, y’all. (Sorry, I lived close to the Oklahoma border for a couple of years, and I can’t shake it.)


  1. Animals have a sixth sense about quakes and canes and such. A friend has a dog that starts howling a half hour before a thunder storm passes over. Wouldn’t be too bad but we live in Florida.

  2. cool! and you slept through it. do you get lots of earthquakes up Washington way? i remember experiencing (count ’em) one earthquake here in The Wilds. rather bizarre feeling in the middle of the US.

    • Yep, Gnu, we are on the Pacific Rim, there is a fault that runs down the
      middle of Seattle, and there are volcanoes all over. We are prime earthquake

  3. only been in a very minor earthquake – noticed the floor seeming to roll. friends in CA tell me that it’s the noise of things rattling/falling that will wake you up, rather than the bed moving. guess the bed can move for different reasons…

  4. @daisyfae: your bed moves while you’re sleeping?

    @silverstar: our old cocker would bark at pretty much any man. and piss himself at the same time. he was very *courageous*. he also had bad eyesight and would bark all night at a tree stump he could *see* in the moonlight.

    quakes, faults indeed. I do recall Mt St. Helens – not all that far from you isn’t it? (relatively speaking)

    I too lived within a stone’s throw of the oklahoma line for a bit and some of the colloquialisms I picked up haven’t gone away yet either. Is that contagious?

    • @Rob- no we’re not that far from Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Rainier, or Mt.
      Baker, all active volcanoes. Mt. Rainier is only about 50 miles away. They
      have a lahar warning system for the town of Puyallup.

      Bad eyesight doesn’t seem to be a problem, here. Thank heavens.

      And yes, it is contagious, and then you can’t lose it. Dagnabit.

  5. I experienced a very minor earthquake once in Toronto, while up in my 26th floor apartment. It was like everything was vibrating, including myself, and felt not unlike an acid flashback.

    This is the same apartment in which the toilet water used to slosh around on a windy day. Great view of the lake – used to especially love watching lightning storms from my balcony.

  6. I felt a quake once in Michigan. I had just moved there and didn’t know they had them there.
    I was sitting at a desk and my drink was swirling.
    I thought I was losing my mind.

    Speaking of Michigan, they laughed at me when I said “y’all.” They thought I was joking.
    I had to learn how to say “you guys” instead and it didn’t feel right to call a bunch of girls “guys.”

    I’m still traumatized from that year up there. I’m sure they are too.

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