Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 21, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

Gratuitous picture of the day.

Finally, at last, the other administration is over, and we can begin cleaning up the shitpile they left us. I’m glad that my worst fears weren’t realized, and that we are not under martial law with that freakazoid still preznit. Nor do I think that the wild imaginings of the far right wing will come to pass. This nation will correct and endure. That is my prayer, anyway. And I hope that we will endure as the nation we always wanted to be. Kind to all others, and ourselves, helping the little guy, peaceful at home and abroad. A girl can only hope and work for that.

Another ending is that they are finishing up with the windows this week. They have done the laundry room, and are working on the community room, doing some finish work around the windows in the hallways. And then they are done. What will I do without the rotahammer noise to tell me it’s Monday and Thursday? I’ll manage somehow.

As for beginnings, I got the new bookcase and TV cart into place, took the other pieces down to the free pile, and unpacked three boxes that had been packed since the windows, and recycled them. And that’s a good beginning. Now it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations, and get on with the new year, new administration, etc. My To Do list keeps getting longer, somehow, no matter what I accomplish. But I guess that’s life.


  1. Thank God, Please, please let him be half as good as we think he will be!

  2. Even your neighbours to the north are hoping for good things to come. And that includes me.

    I hear you on that list thing. Why does it never get shorter?

    Still waiting for spring too. (tap) (tap) (tap)

  3. I’d be lost without my to do list, which may never get shorter but at least it’s always changing (first iPhone comment!)

  4. eeek! your xmas decorations are still up? that’s bad luck.

    crossing fingers and toes for you now…..

    • If it were up to me, Nursie, I’d leave them up all year. I kind of like the
      light. Looking for a lighted heart to put in the window now for Valentine’s
      Day, then a shamrock, Easter egg, etc.

  5. I like it when you do hopeful posts. There is something so soothing about the way you write when you feel that way. Reading them makes some of the tension in my neck ease up.

    Also, what would it take to get you to turn off those hideously annoying Snap Previews?

    • Sorry, Beth, didn’t realize I could turn them off. Your wish is my command,
      I hate them, too.

  6. Have you invited your homeless starving boyfriend to move in with you yet, or did you invent that story for rain’s benefit?

    Anybody who reads my blog, including Rain, knows about The Boyo. They also know I live in public housing, and I can’t just invite somebody to live with me. They have to qualify the same way I did. They also can’t have a drug conviction, not even one from 20 years ago. He could get his record expunged, but that takes money. Which neither of us have. He does maintenance work as an independent contractor. He only has one client. He can’t take on more because he has a bad back, and a bad ankle, and it’s all he can do to get what he does done. He should go on disability, but he’s too proud. When he doesn’t get paid, he starves. Which is probably why he stayed with me over Christmas. As it is he lives in the building he is remodeling, even though that’s illegal. But it’s better than the park. At least it’s dry. And as long as the building owner lets him, and nobody turns him in, it benefits the owner and the tenants. I was glad he was here over Christmas because that’s when it snowed, and I don’t walk very well in the snow, and my scooter won’t go through it either. I was happy to have him as a guest for the two weeks a year I’m allowed to have a guest.

  7. Don’t feel bad, Eileen: I have a list of “to do” lists these days.

  8. Silver, I sincerely apologize. I was way out of line with that comment. I’m battling my own financial demons. To lash out at you was uncalled for. –Bunk

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