Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 20, 2009

A New Day Has Dawned

It’s official, Bush is gone! And we thank whatever deity is responsible for that. Obama has been sworn in, and in his inauguration speech, has called us to service. Reminded us that the United States is not a few people in Washington, D.C. It is all of us, working together. And work together we will.

And so Change comes. Change a chez Silverstar, too. One change is that I have bought a cane. I finally recognized that I need the support when first standing up, and that my walker is too big for in the apartment. So now I’m an older lady with a cane, too. But at least I bought a pretty one with flowers on it.

More changes. I cadged a couple of pieces of furniture. One is a bookcase, much needed. The other is a TV stand. This building has a tradition that things that are abandoned are left for others to use. But space is limited, and so two items that are less functional will have to leave. One is a table that I bought to be a side table, but which is too low for the purpose. It would make a better coffee table, but I have no room for that. The other is a triangular do-dad shelf thingy, which I think I cadged here in the first place.  It’s not stable, so, out it goes.

Queen Anne hill from Seattle Center

Queen Anne hill from Seattle Center

Seattle weather has changed, too. After a couple of days of sun, we are back to the fog and clouds we are used to. I spent Sunday out with my camera taking pictures. I was going to do a slide show, but I have a lot of things to do.  I posted some pictures over at Photofilia,  but if you’d like to get the full flavor of the day, you will find it in the Sunny Sunday set on my Flickr account.

So, I’m off to make things happen, put things in order, and see what a new day will bring.


  1. on the good side, you can use the cane to beat annoying little kids…or Boyo if he gets out of line.

    love the Queen Anne Hill pic…

  2. Yay!

    I’m back to cleaning out nooks and crannies again now. Tonight I broke down a box for an old stereo component. I was startled to think I’ve had that box (and that stereo component) for 30 years! Off to cardboard recycling it goes.

  3. Now you can poke small children with your stick 🙂

    And YAY for Obama’s speech. Had this little South African weepin’!

  4. O, Wauw, You are up and walking with a cane! And one with flowers, very nice. And Yes here in Europe we can love your great nation again. Obama´s speech went strait to my heart. I was proud in your place.

    Thanks for correcting my post, I really appreciate it. I correct it first thing tomorrow, have to run for a dinner date.


  5. pssst… you might want to fix the spelling of deity..

    Thanks, Nurse Myra, I fixed it. But don’t tell Mick, he thinks I can spell.

  6. like the communal recycling efforts in your building. my old neighborhood was like that. made me happy…

    my mom uses her cane to poke people who get in her way when i’m pushing her along in the wheel chair… she’s 80. who’s going to hit her?

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