Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 19, 2009

Seattle White Christmas

Absolutely the worst version of Jingle Bells on earth.Totally disgusting music, but that’s what you get with the instant movies. And it’s royalty free so you can get away with it. I wish there was a mechanism to pay for some decent music. But there you go. It doesn’t give you the option to shorten the music, or I would. It’s very repetitious. But whatever.


  1. Damn, woman, you have your own YouTube channel?

    Way cool.

    Great slideshow, you did a nice job with it and I love all the frames you added. And the snow!
    It sure is easier to love once it’s gone, isn’t it?

    The music, you nailed it. I think if someone wanted to extract anything from me (money, information, what’s left of my youth), all they would have to do is loop this tune about three times and I’d be singing like Mariah Carey.

    • You, too, can have your own YouTube channel. And now I find that YouTube has
      audio that’s much nicer that you can swap for this crap. And I just put the
      pics in a sceneline, and pushed the instant movie button, choosing the
      Christmas theme in Adobe Premiere Elements 7. This is a no-brainer. Except
      for the audio.

  2. it makes me happy because it sounds like the carnival! whee!!! when do the clowns get here?

  3. liking the frames very much – and the snow! you’re getting good at this thing!

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