Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 17, 2009


Still contemplating my navel, and cutting video. Although I watched TV all day yesterday. I hadn’t been to bed for a while and was tired, but sleepless. Slept like the dead when I finally got to bed. Sometime during my sleep, The Boyo showed up. Somebody let him in so I didn’t have to go downstairs. I went back to bed before he even got upstairs. So I was surprised that he had washed dishes and cooked some meat for himself when I got up. I used to say I could sleep on a freighter in a typhoon, and I guess I did last night. I hate menopause insomnia.

Even the air is still. We have high pressure and a temperature inversion going on. Which means it is 40° at my house, and near 70° at the top of Snoqualmie Pass. Which has the unfortunate effect of holding pollutants near the surface of the earth. Air quality hadn’t been quite as bad as they feared it might be, and it is believed that people voluntarily curtailed using wood-burning stoves for heating. That was yesterday. I haven’t checked the weather blog yet today, but my asthma was complaining when I took Friday out.

I’m feeling like doing some nesting today. Dust and vacuum. Repot a plant that’s in a too small pot. Make bread. Maybe go to the library and get the books that are on hold. Despite the fact that I have gotten near all the books I already have. Something’s got to give here. Well, I guess I could just not buy a converter or HDTV card, and that would eliminate the TV watching after the 17th of next month. But it still leaves the books and the hobbies and the Intertubes. And the mundane stuff.

A friend, my old High Priestess, had to fly to Southern California yesterday. And elderly cousin has gone missing, and she went to support her cousin’s daughter. Her last tweet was that the news was not good. If you believe in that stuff, a prayer or some energy sent her way would be appreciated.

And now on to my present life’s work, which is apparently trying to get through all the blogs on my reader. Manãna peeps.


  1. nesting. highly underrated! bread making is good for the soul. might try that one of these days…. the dough comes out of a tube, right? 🙂

    *snort* No, it doesn’t usually. Unless you are thinking of roll dough. You used to be able to buy frozen bread dough, which you could then bake, don’t know if they have that anymore. Personally, I recommend making it in a food processor, which is totally easy.

  2. I made scones yesterday! does that count?

  3. Mercury in retrograde?

    We were out at the malls for a bit today. I was surprised at how few people were about for a Saturday. (Believe me, the last thing I would normally do on a Saturday is venture into the monuments to greed and capitalism. So it was nice for me, actually.)

    Also a little bit unsettling to see so many stores having “closing” sales. Not just closeout, as in get rid of all the old stuff to make room for new stuff, but closing, as in the shelves are near empty and the little stock that’s left is well picked over. Hard(er) times are a-comin’, methinks.

  4. Sending good thoughts toward CA. Hope the news turns out better than what they’re expecting.

    • Kitty- Unfortunately it doesn’t look that way. Last tweet from her they were
      just hoping to find the body so they could have closure.

  5. any news yet?

    • We’re still waiting Nurse Myra. I am following on Twitter and Facebook, but
      no news yet.

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