Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 16, 2009

Seattle Christmas Slideshow

I have been playing around with some new toys, trying to get adequate at video editing so that I can edit the tons of videos on VHS to DVD for my Dad. You are the beneficiaries? of my experiments. Poor things. Indulge me.


  1. :::Applause:::

    Hey you should have worked in the tourist industry. These photos make me want to go to Seattle for the holidays. And I don’t even like that time of year.

    I did the VHS to DVD transfer last year. Oh what a migrane.

  2. Suffering from serious edit envy…

  3. love the pics – especially the miniature village!

    unsolicited editorial thought – keeping the transitions consistent helps the flow. i run into this with powerpoint presentations at work and continued variation of transitions to be distracting. realize that you’re testing, tuning and playin for now…

    this looks like much work! good luck with the VHS transfer!

  4. How long did it take for 1:45 of video?

    I think digital photoframes are probably good for stills. I have a lot of video I want to digitize and put on DVD’s but I’m afraid it’s going to be very time consuming.

    @daisyfae: Those people who do all the transition effects on powerpoint drive me nuts. I’m a bare bones, just flip the slide kind of guy. I have a ppt that a process engineer put together using multiple layers per slide. Looks great on the monitor or screen, but I can’t print the f**king thing out because it’s just a jumble on paper.

  5. Kitty-Thank you for the compliment.

    Az- get out your Windows Movie, drop in some clips and music, and push the auto-movie button. It’s easy.

    Daisy- Not a problem, I wondered if it wasn’t going to be distracting. I watched a video, however, where the perpetrator had used the same transition over and over. Maybe it was because it was a page curl, but I got dizzy. Maybe just a couple different transitions, and from the same family, in the same order?

    Rob-with the new tools on most computers now, not long. What will take longer is cutting all the crap and bad shots out of the VHS footage. And all the in-laws who have become outlaws in the intervening 20 years. Too bad they don’t have a “print screen” option for Powerpoint. Which is why, when I build webpages from scratch, I always put in a print CSS that will print the page in black and white, and at 8.5 x 11.

  6. i think you’re onto the idea – something from a ‘family’, maybe some fades, some curls, or when you’re changing from summer to autumn, throw in a curl or something…

    it’s the powerpoint thing that drives me batty – you’re making movies/slideshows for entertainment, so it is supposed to be artistic. when folks are just trying to convey information, and throw in powerpoint giblets like sound, spinning text and wild transitions? i want to take a stapler to their face. seriously. yes. i think i still do have pms… sorry…

  7. Seattle looks very inviting – even for a coldophile like me

    • My dear Nurse Myra, you are a coldaphobe and not a coldaphile. Trust me on
      this one. I don’t care for the cold either, and the winters are relatively
      mild here. Well, compared to Alberta or Siberia anyway.

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