Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 15, 2009

Mercury Retrograde

Yes, Mercury is retrograde until February 1, according to the astrologers. A bad time for communications or travel, as they may go awry. Or not. But it’s also a time to hunker down and hibernate, and most of the astrological writing about this retrograde is about contemplation. I’ve decided to contemplate my navel.

For those of the scientific bent who decry those who believe in astrology and other things they cannot see, I can only say “Pish-Tush.” Man did not believe in germs or that the earth revolved around the sun until adequate instrumentation was available. We still have things to learn. There may indeed be ghosts out there.

Being in a contemplative mode, I will only leave you with a couple of links for fun. The first is this lovely gun cozy from What Not to Crochet. And indeed, I think the fuzz might jam the mechanism. A definite no-no. And although theoretically this cake doesn’t qualify for Cake Wrecks because it was made by an amateur, and no money was exchanged, I think it might qualify on the grounds of bad taste. And I’m not talking about the chocolate icing. Although this one by the same perpetrator may be in even worse taste.


  1. I’m pretty sure astrology is bunk but January weather is usually just right for a hibernation moment with a little contemplation thrown in so we end up in the same place even though we started far apart;>

  2. Well, that explains my desire to take a vacation.

  3. I already commented on the “gun” cozy on Facebook (I don’t call it a “gun” btw).

    As for the cakes, the first one I could figure out (it was that obvious. The second one? No idea.

    Does Mercury in retrograde lead to being a lazy sack of shit? ‘Cuz that’s what I feel like right now.

    Well, it’s either Mercury Retrograde or January, take your pick. I think we are all lazy after the holidaze.

  4. Those cakes are funny. One of the comments (from Cake Truth) was “I saw a YouTube documentary that convinced me the planes had nothing to do with the destruction of that cake.”

    Brilliant. The cakes? Not so much.

    Do you read/interpret horoscopes?
    I hope the traveling thing is flexible. My son AND my sister are out flying this weekend.

    How often do planes crash these days? Once a year? Not even that often? I think we used up all the “bad things happen while traveling” crap up for the next several retrogrades today and it’s smooth flying from now on.

  5. Last time I remember Mercury being Retrograde, I lost a hard drive. So did two of my friends.

    I’m going to back up my stuff right now. Just in case. Can’t hurt.

    Yeah, that backup thing is a good idea. As Kym unfortunately learned. Online backup is even better, in case you lose all your drives in a freak act of mother nature.

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