Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 12, 2009

Humor Me Here

I have spent the weekend laughing. Laughing out loud, and sometimes almost literally ROFLOLPIP. What brought this on, you may ask? It’s simple, I did something I don’t recommend anyone with a job do. I signed up with Stumble Upon. This graph says it all:

Productivity before and after Stumble Upon.

Productivity before and after Stumble Upon.

Stumble has an engine which allows you to say what you like and dislike. I like biting, sarcastic humor. So the damned thing, once it got that into its craw, began to send me to biting sarcastic humor sites.  I hope you folks will click on the links, at least for a brief  look. Most of the posts are very brief in these blogs, and not too time consuming. They will give you a good laugh, however. If you spend more time there, or read the comments, which are sometimes better than the posts, please take these precautions.

  1. Remove all liquids from the vicinity of the keyboard.
  2. If the above is too stringent a measure, please swallow all liquids before reading.
  3. Keep a roll of paper towels nearby in case of inadvertent spewage.
  4. All ladies of a certain age, please put on Depends before attempting this exercise. I mean it. I am of that age, and although I have never had children, and do my Kegels regularly, I nearly lost it.  You’ve been warned!

The first one was probably Fuck You, Penguin. I never would have found this site on my own. It’s an antidote for those of us who are fed up with Cute Overload and I can has Cheezeburger. This appealed to me because I am the kind of person who doesn’t find deer all that endearing. Last week was interspecies week, and particularly entertaining. BTW, Fuck You, Penguin and Cute Overload are locked in a battle to the death for some sort of blog award. Vote if you must. Cute Overload, after being tromped for several days, is cheating.

Then, combining my interest in crochet, with my warped sense of humor, Stumble sent me to What Not To Crochet. The crotched dust bunny pictured in that link is worth the click, trust me. Many of the posts on WNTC make fun of ’70s fashion, so may not be relevant for those of you who were not of conscious age at the time. For the rest of us, it is a “OMG, did we actually wear that?” experience.  Granny squares come to mind. BTW, that’s Pam Dawber of Mork and Mindy fame wearing the brown and orange granny squares outfit in this post. These posts immediatley brought to mind the viral 1977 J. C. Penney’s catalog post at 15 Minute Lunch. And if you get into his archives, the above rules also apply. Johnny isn’t writing much these days, I hope it’s because we, his loyal fans, have encouraged him to compile his most hilarious posts into a book.  And don’t forget Part II and Part III of the J.C. Penney Catalog post.  Heavens, we dressed funny in the ’70s.

This post on WNTC inevitably brought us to Cake Wrecks. It’s sort of a cake wreck itself, in that it’s overdecorated. Overdecorated and made of alpaca. Who in the hell wastes alpaca yarn on something like this? Even those who’s yarn stashes would never be contaminated by acrylic agree that acrylic yarn is the way to go for this one. As one who can only afford acrylic yarn, I agree.

For those of you not acquainted with Cake Wrecks, it’s a website with some of the disasters in decoration that come out of professional cake decorators kitchens. Like this one. I’d say “don’t go there hungry”, but some of these disasters will turn even the most ardent cake lover off. That one sure did. If I had been the bride, I would be in jail for murder. Although, looking at that cake, I think it may have been justifiable homicide.

The flip side is Sunday Sweets, wherein some of the greatest cake art is displayed on Sundays on Cake Wrecks. Like these dragons and unicorns from a couple of weeks ago. No problem with hunger here, they are too gorgeous to eat. I would love to display them with the rest of my dragons.  Or these beauties. *le sigh*

Well, that’s enough for now. Real life intervenes, and I must travel off to buy dog food. See you soon.


  1. great – there goes the last shred of my outside life! will postpone til the weekend…

  2. Hah hah. I love Stumbleupon. Have spent many unproductive hours stumbling with it.
    After you’ve had it for awhile, you might not have to do it all the time. I just stumble occasionally now. Usually.

    The fuckyoupenguin link is missing the : after the http ….

    Me fixee link, muchas garcias.

  3. Also: Deer are vermin, just like rats. Except you can eat them.

  4. damn you, woman! i’d just gotten to the point of balancing my interweblife and reallife… now it’s dramatically in the web again (and thanks for the great find!)…

    Did you notice in my last post that you were my 1000th commenter? There’s a smooch waiting for you there.

  5. I had managed to successfully stuff Cake Wrecks into some interior box so that I could actually have some sort of real life. Then you wafted it under my nose. Ten minutes later I’m struggling to remember my New Year’s Res to be productive online and not just wander.

  6. Cake Wrecks, OMG, I LOVE it!

    I have had so much time sucked out of me on Stumble Upon, no can do no more.

  7. Ha – another victim! I’ve been stumbling for quite awhile now (even posted that graph on my blog awhile ago) … it’s very easy to get into the “oh, just one more” thang and then wonder where the afternoon went. Here’s my SU page, in case you want to add me as a contact/friend…

    azahar’s SU

    • Az- You, dear lady, are the cause of all my Stumbling. I think I did try to
      add you as a friend. Will try again.

  8. If biting, sarcastic humor is your cup of tea, you will surely enjoy The Beast 50 Most Loathsome Americans 2008. The Beast is one of my major sources of chuckles.

    • Toby-Found that one on another blog I read. It’s a good one.

  9. oh those links are hilarious

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