Posted by: silverstar98121 | January 10, 2009

This and That

Windows 7

Windows 7

I love XKCD. I have it on my reader, so that I get the new cartoons. With the announcement of Windows 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, there has been buzz all over about it. I don’t think it will be as bad as this cartoon portrays, but then again, I’m The Only Person in the World Who Likes Vista .™  Apparently, lots of people, myself included, are interested in getting one of the 2.5 million beta copies that were supposed to be released yesterday. Release was delayed by heavy traffic on the website. Steve Ballmer made a mistake announcing the release, and overwhelmed the servers. I suspect it will be released next week…without an announcement. Go take a look at the website, it looks like there will be some neat stuff in this edition. Looks like a lot of it is geared toward laptops and netbooks. And home networks.  (And I got to the cartoon before Ærchie.)

Next up, congratulations to Gnukid for posting the 1000th comment on my blog. The honor of first comment goes to Nurse Myra. So to both of you, virtual kisses. Mwwwwah! And to the rest of you who  comment and/or read, smooches to you, too.

Kym is back! Yeah! Kym is back! After having her computer in the shop all this year, she’s back, and her first picture of 2009 is even more spectacular than the pictures of 2008. I excitedly await her new output. And if you get a chance, go look at the Cuckoo’s Nest. Kitty has grown a lot as a photographer since she started her photoblog last May, about the time I started Photofilia.

Next year I want to go to She’s Geeky. It’s a little too late this year, and anyway, I’m going to Colorado in February. But next year, I want to go and hang out with geeky women. Thanks, Compu-Diva, for turning me on to this. And maybe one year I’ll get to BlogHer, too.

Seattle is about to become a one-newspaper town. Or if the Seattle Times continues to bleed red ink, perhaps a no-newspaper town. I am really sad at yesterday’s announcement that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is up for sale. Under its Joint Operating Agreement with the Seattle Times, if it doesn’t get a buyer in the next 60 days, it can close. Hearst, which owns the paper, is holding out hope for maintaining an online presence.  This newspaper has been in existence since 1863.  I would be very sad to see it die entirely.I had hoped it would be the right-wing, family owned Times that would  die first. Although print media all seems to be going the way of the Dodo, what with magazines sucking hind tit and book publishers cutting staff, book stores closing, etc. I will just echo David Horsey, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist at the P-I:

Horsey cartoon, 1-10-09

Horsey cartoon, 1-10-09


  1. I hadn’t realised I was your first commenter. thanks for remembering

  2. haven’t had problems with Vista [furiously knocking wood]…

  3. Looks like we surfed the same places recently. That XKCD made me snort liquid out my nose last night. Had to show Bob, he didn’t think it was quite as funny, but then, he’s a Mac, and I’m a PC. Or something. And I’ve been looking at all those amazing flood pictures on the website. Incredible photography, terrible disaster.

    As far as I have been able to figure out, Vista seems to be okay for home users. It was the corporate users who gave it the thumbs down, and with good reason – Vista was a big hardware hog and didn’t really give you anything that made it worthwhile to upgrade all the machines. I have both at home, don’t really care which one I’m using.

  4. It is great to be back and great to come and read your blog. I’m glad you liked Wild Fountain. I had thought I had taken some great pics that day but when I pulled them up to look at them I was disappointed. Then the more I looked at this one, the more I liked it. I keep comparing myself with professionals and then bleah…but if I just look at how much better I’m getting then I feel alright.

    • Kym-if a book or film is praised by critics, I know I won’t like it. I look
      a photos from professionals, but I don’t like a lot of them. Actually I like
      things like Ansel Adams, whose photos yours remind me of. The modern, highly
      acclaimed professional stuff leaves me cold.

  5. Thanks for the link Eileen. I think we found each other through Kym’s place. so glad she’s back online.

    One newspaper is such sad news.

    Did Murdoch (Fox News owner) just buy up or try to buy the New York Times?

  6. I’ve got xkcd on my Netvibes too, so you also beat me to posting this one (though maybe two in one week might have been too much?). I’m still happily using Windows XP … well, except that plugging the iPhone into the laptop makes it crash. Any geek girl advice on that?

    • No geek girl advice, Az, except don’t try to mate a PC with a MAC. Other
      than that, I really don’t know what the issues with iphones are, except that
      the app store is screwed quite a bit, or was when it first opened. You’ll
      have to ask someone more iphone savvy.

  7. Az, do you have a logitech camera on your laptop? There are known incompatibilities between the older logitech webcams and the iPhones. Try getting an updated driver for the webcam and see if that does the trick.

  8. I couldn’t get an update for my Logitech webcam so I just uninstalled it (never use the damn thing anyhow) … and now the iPhone is plugged into the laptop and is working just fine! Thanks d00d!

  9. Isn’t Microsoft’s slogan something like, “Windows: Taking Planned Obsolescence to new levels!”?

    Seriously, I am lagging edge when it comes to OS’s. I’ll let those with way more time on their hands work out all of the bugs and such before I dive in.

    I only “upgraded” from Win98 to XP when my hardware finally got too “big” for Win98.

    I just want the effing thing to work with minimal screw ups.

    Congrats on the 1,000 comment milestone.


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