Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 30, 2008

One of Those Days…

When I wished I still drank. Started at 11:30 am with the manager coming to the door for an inspection of the apartment. The Boyo, who is still hanging around because he has a cold, was supposed to be up and out of here before they showed up, but wasn’t. The floor was supposed to get cleaned, but didn’t except in the kitchen and bathroom because he slept all day with his cold. (I use a Hoover Floormate, which is the only way I can get these floors clean.) Yes, I had two weeks notice, but there was no use doing it until the snow melted and they cleaned up the sand in the street, trust me. So I expect to get a letter about people not on the lease being in my apartment. If it was up to me, I would just put him on the lease.On the other hand, I’m used to living alone, and I”m about ready to chuck him and his detritus out, after he’s been here two weeks.

Then to add insult to injury, they presented us with a letter saying that HUD was cutting our utilities subsidy by $6, down to $50. It is true that due to the fact that Seattle generates it’s own hydroelectricity, our rates haven’t gone up as much as Snohomish county to the north, where they got caught in the Enron scam.  (Snohomish county also busted the traders that were bragging about grandma freezing to death as they manipulated supplies and costs of energy. ) However, our bills have gone up, but our subsidy hasn’t since I moved here six years ago. I guess they figure since all our heat isn’t going out the windows anymore, we need less of a subsidy. So instead of my rent going up $9, it’s going up $15. I really must go and apply for the $14 I’m entitled to in food stamps. Which come on a debit card these days. And yes, I did apply to have my rent reduced due to my medical costs. Not holding my breath.

My bill for my  health insurance came with the wrong amount specified, so I have to call them tomorrow, and get that straightened out before they start charging me a deductible, which I can’t afford. And order the (expensive) meds I need before the New Year. Did I mention I totally hate January? It has no redeeming features at all, as far as I”m concerned. Our highest electric bills come in January, too, because of heating costs. Thank goddess I have budget billing this year, that splits the total year’s costs up into equal portions instead of getting huge bills in January. Of course, you get those same equal portions instead of the tiny bills in July.

I do have one thing to look forward to in February. I’m going to be spending Valentine’s Day with my Dad. I figured since he had sent me a big check, and (unnamed airline) was have a sale on super-cheap fares, that it might be nice to go see the old boy. The fact that he seems to be in severe congestive heart failure also was a factor. They put him on morphine for his breathing, and I guess he has huge edema, so I don’t think he has long. Of course, I’ve been thinking that for the last ten years, so, who knows? But I think he will be lucky to make his 90th birthday in July. Of course, that’s also President’s Day weekend, when my sisters have been known to converge on Denver to see Dad and visit with each other. But I booked first, so there!

Booze? Chocolate? Mindless TV? Don’t think I can afford booze, so it’s a good thing I laid in a good supply of 50% off Christmas candy. And there is always mindless TV. OK, I’ll quit feeling sorry for myself, people are starving in other part of the world. It took me a long time to figure out, though, that my eating all my dinner didn’t really help the starving children in China unless we exported sewage as fertilizer.


  1. What about self-medicating with television? A lot of people do.

    • I do believe I mentioned mindless television, Raincoaster. It goes well with
      chocolate, I believe.

  2. take a breath. go for the food supplement… that’s what it’s there for!

    january is pretty gnarly anywhere in the northern hemisphere… take more breaths… the sun will shine again. oh, wait. you’re in seattle…

    sending a winter hug… and i’m drunk enough for both of us! it’s Beer Bingo night here in ohio… ugh.

  3. Oh no..why do we have to make people who need assistance feel like they are small children who broke a rule..I am so sorry about the crap you have to deal with everyday…

  4. That sucks, SS. But the trip in February is definitely something pleasant to look forward to.

    Okay, you do the chocolate & TV thing and Beth and I will take care of the drinking bit over a cutthr… erm, friendly scrabble threesome.


  5. I completely sympathize. Between cuts to Medicare, another rent increase, the elimination of the heating subsidy, the coldest winter in California in many years, and our governator cutting the yearly renter’s rebate to seniors and the disabled from the budget, I can no longer afford to feed myself. For an extra touch of wonderfulness, no one seems interested in or is able to buy my books, which I went hugely into debt to publish.

    On the bright side, I have a home in which to starve . . .

    Happy New Year, Eileen. I do hope that 2009 proves to be good year, for you, and me, and everyone.


  6. It is never a good time to need to deal with “them” in any capacity. I look back on the experience with no end of loathing for the people and the red tape.

    It’s movies, home-made pizza and air-popped popcorn (a Santa gift) for us tonight and then tomorrow we have to prepare for the wee daughter’s first sleep-over guest.

    Happy New Year.

  7. Could the Boyo be added to the lease, but not be invited to become a permanent resident? And why can’t all floors have a drain in the centre of them, and an auto flushing system- is it not time for self-cleaning floors?

  8. oh dear… hope 2009 starts off better than 2008 ended

  9. Thanks, all, for putting up with my whining.

    Toby-it sounds like you are worse off than I am. Can you apply for LIHEAP? And the limits for food stamps have been loosened, too. And yeah, our governor is cutting left and right, too. Cut the tax subsidies to Boeing? NO! Cut GAU, temporary disability pay? It’s gone.

    Sal- I live in government subsidized housing, and there are more rules than you can shake a stick at. One is that you can’t have anyone stay at your place for more than two weeks, another is you can’t have any drug convictions, and a third is you have to report every time your income changes. Having The Boyo move in and out would make it a time consuming process, besides which his income fluctuates considerably. And he likes his independence.

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