Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 27, 2008

Rain, Blessed Rain!

Everyone in Seattle: “Oh Rain. Oh sweet Rain, we’re sorry to badmouth you. Forgive us, we were fools. What’s that, Rain? Go fuck ourselves?”

johnroderick from Washington, the state.

Yes, Virginia, it is raining in Seattle. And we are glad. All that lovely, wonderful, white (dirty brown, slushy, scooter-impeding) snow is almost gone. Except for the snow boulders made by the snow plows.  But the buses still aren’t running. Pooh!

Yesterday, on Christmas, it couldn’t make up it’s mind if it wanted to rain or snow, but it finally rained. And cleared the sidewalks enough that I could get around on Epona on most of them. Yes! So now I can go someplace, as soon as the rain stops being freezing rain accompanied by wind. And I get over my cold a bit.

We had a last minute community potluck at our building. It was good to see neighbors we rarely saw, and we only had to cook one dish for Christmas dinner. We had curried rice, ham, and chicken for those who won’t touch either. Baked beans, black-eyed peas, scalloped potatoes, mac & cheese, oatmeal cookies, fruit jello, and marble cake. The curried rice, made by the Korean Lady, was very good. She thought this shindig up, and I’m glad.

Santa passing out gifts.

Santa passing out gifts.

The Boyo put on his Santa suit, and handed out gifts. I was working on his red sack until the last minute before the potluck. It didn’t turn out badly, but was a pain because my sewing machine has about zero insturctions on how to make buttons holes with it. My previous (used) machines had cams you just dropped in, and viola. Ok, now I officially want the $1,000 computerized machine that you can hook up to your PC with a USB cord, and make any intricate design you can imagine. (Yeah, right. I don’t sew enough to justify it. My sister who quilts, now…)

As you might be able to tell, The Boyo couldn’t find his Santa hat to save his

Community pot-luck

Community pot-luck

life. But the red stocking cap worked, and was more in line with what Thomas Nast first drew in the 1860’s. And he just had little gifts he had collected from here and there over the year, some of them promotional items.

The food was good, the community was good, and I enjoyed it. What did I get from Santa? a box to put all my thread and bobbins in. Much needed. I got to talk to people, on Skype, like Nurse Myra and Azahar. And Raincoaster, (sort of, bad connection) and Compu-Diva. Which made these people even more real to me. I got to have The Boyo’s company in the snowy season, and we’ve had fun.

Friday kind of got left out of Christmas, because we couldn’t get to the pet food store, so didn’t buy any new toys for her, although she really doesn’t need them. But I did give her the bones from the soup I made to chew on, so she was happy. She’s also been happy to have The Boyo around, since she loves him to pieces, and always sulks a little when he leaves. My Christmas and Solstice were good, how was yours?


  1. you got to talk to compu-diva too? lucky lucky silverstar 🙂

    • Yes, I did, Nurse Myra. We talked about 7 AM our time. It was fun.

  2. The Boyo makes a great Santa.

    Hurray for rain! We have been having a light drizzle if you can call it that, but it’s been warm, warm! for two days now.
    So last night, we took our dogs to town for a walk. That was the best Christmas present ever, that warm weather.

  3. Oh, hallelujah for rain! And for getting things back to normal on your f*cked up streets. Sounds like the potluck was good, I LOVE eating everyone else’s cooking, always something new and different and delicious to try. Mmmm, curry!
    Whoever thought rain in Seattle would be a good Christmas present?

  4. Are you enjoying making rain angels, playing in rain forts, throwing rain balls, and going rainshoeing?

    Sorry about the connection. It was a shame that I had to bail so quickly.

  5. Kitty- Thank you. I’ll give The Boyo your compliments. It’s 45 degrees out right now, it hasn’t been this warm for a long time. Think I’ll go enjoy it.

    Beth- If we Seattlites disliked rain I guess we would move. We grouse about it, but we miss it, too. As I keep telling my sibling who want me to move to snowier climes, you don’t have to shovel rain.

    Raincoaster- Yes, indeedy, I’m going to go out and do all that. I know you are reveling in the snow, but I’m happy it’s gone. Room for both of us, eh.

  6. nothing better than potluck – each dish is like a different present! sounds absolutely fabulous! i enjoyed a quiet day (several naps), dodged the trip to the trailer park to see family, and waited til my critters got home in the evening… ate cookies most of the day. who needs food?

  7. I know what you mean about blessed rain. Every morning I get up and squeeze my eyes tight for a moment hoping that the rain is still raining and not snowing. It has been sleeting, snowing for a bit, and then raining. I do miss the beauty but I’m tired of the car wrecks, the plans being wrecked and the general problems.

    Your Christmas sounds wonderful and The boyo made me smile. May your New Year be happy, too.

  8. Love the boyo as Santa..,much more dignified than my husband as a Christmas elf..I hope your rain all the snow is melting and causing flooding…But don’t worry, I won’t be lying down in the rain on the lawn. I have learned my lesson…actually it is pretty deep and I can’t hold my breath that long anymore…LOL…Merry Christmas

  9. You sound more peaceful in your description of your Christmas celebrations than is your general habit, and that makes me smile. I like it when people are happy.

    My Christmas was pretty good so far. My folks arrived last night, so we’ll see…

  10. Glad you’re enjoying the rain!

  11. […] with your mouse?  I just noticed this today (duh). And speaking of snowflakes – don’t look Silverstar! – here is an oldie-but-goodie pastime. Hours of mindless fun for the whole family, and also quite […]

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