Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 24, 2008


There doesn’t seem to be anything else to do. The list of the bus routes suspended grows longer and longer. I read a book yesterday. That’s all, just read a book.

One of the local columnists is angry about the snow response of the city. Angry because the bus he needs didn’t come. If the fool had read the Metro page, he would know that the route was suspended before he stood out in the cold 45 minutes waiting for it. That route is over-crowded on a good day because it goes up a steep hill and goes to the county hospital. He tells of all the things that are there…Comcast, food deliveries, etc. What he fails to understand is that this route would be very dangerous with an overloaded electric trolley bus. Or even an overloaded diesel bus. Cable TV, food, and FedEx are not human lives.

There is a great debate over whether the city should use salt or sand on the roads and which is more environmentally damaging. People are getting cabin fever here. Me, too. But it is what it is.  The last time it was this bad was 20 years ago. I can’t see changing the city’s response to a once in a couple of decades event. If  it become a pattern, then we may have to think of things, like maybe cog railways that go up the hills rain or shine. Or snow.

The Boyo and I have a bake-a-thon scheduled for today, and probably tomorrow, as we are supposed to get more snow tonight. We can’t go to Bellingham in this mess. But it’s supposed to rain Friday and Saturday, and this mess is supposed to go away. Yeah, it was supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday, too, but it snowed. If it rains, and clears the roads, we will go up one day on the weekend to see family and friends. And have lots of baked goods to hand out. Except for the one household where that would be bringing coals to Newcastle. There is a bottle of wine to go there.

J.A. Jance, in her J.P. Beaumont murder mysteries, which are set in Seattle, says that Seattleites get testy when the sun shines too long. I think they get a little testy when it snows too long, too. I’ve enjoyed the downtime with The Boyo, but I’m ready for “normal” whatever that is.

I’m looking forward, too, to a Skype conference call with some of my blog pals. Well, got to go wash dishes so we can bake some more. Apparently from evidence of Daisy Fae and The Boyo, who made a ton of oatmeal cookies yesterday, it cures the Bah! Humbugs.

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!


  1. truly appreciate your ‘non-alarmist’ response to a once every couple decades snow event… those whiny people will be the first to go down in flames when the shit really hits the fan! (think “zombie attack” when they’ll all be standing in line at Starbucks when the wave moves in…)

    this is my first real christmas on my own – and i’m very, very happy… i’m a lucky woman, and thank the flying spaghetti monster, and every other deity humans can conceive of (including dear mother earth) for my luck…

    merry christmas, silverstar!

    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Daisy Fae. Of course, I don’t have work or
      school to go to, or have to be anywhere, so I can afford to be non-alarmist.
      I imagine it’s different, especially for the low-pay folks who don’t get
      paid if they don’t work.

  2. I can’t believe you’re still snowed in.
    Have a merry Christmas, Silverstar.

    • And more snow expected, Kitty. I’m ready for some rain.

  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. Felices Fiestas!

    Nice hearing your voice earlier. Catch you again later after the baking is done.

  5. A very merry christmas, silverstar. enjoy the hibernation and wrap yourself in e-hugs from me.

    • I’ll do that, Gnukid. And Merry Christmas back at you, with cyberkisses.

  6. Cog railways–wouldn’t that be grand! Cable cars would also work, and they too are wonderful (although here in SF, the tourists are the only people that can afford to ride them anymore, unlike when I came to the City in the late ’60s, when the fare was only twenty cents, including a transfer).

    Also, I find that newspaper columnists number among the most obnoxious, whiny, narrow-minded people in the world, which is why I no longer bother to read their puling drivel. Unfortunately, they are merely symptomatic of what this country has become: a nation of people who are no longer capable of taking care of ourselves, expecting someone else to take care of our problems, which is why we keep electing politicians who promise change, but of course never deliver (and yes, Barack Obama is just like all the rest).

    Anyway, glad you’ve got the Boyo for company while you’re snowed in. Merry Christmas to you both.


  7. Maybe you start knitting a scarf? It might become a rug before you get out again 🙂

    nice talking to you earlier

  8. A belated Merry Christmas….and the weather is awful isn’t it…

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