Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 21, 2008


See the snow on top of the parking meter?

See the snow on top of the parking meter?

Snowpocalypse! Snowlocaust! It’s still snowing!  Or maybe I should save a couple of those for tomorrow, since we are supposed to get another four inches by then. We have about three inches here, which is unheard of in the downtown area.  And the snow at Sea-Tac airport broke a record set in 1951. Geez, that record is only a year younger than I am. It’s pretty, but it’s a real pain. I took Friday out when I got up, and got Epona stuck in the snow. I was able to rock her out, but that put paid to my plans to go to the Rite-Aid and get some things. Good thing probably because I forgot my wallet.

Greyhound bus service and Amtrak are shut down, a lot of flights are delayed or canceled, and they are running out of de-icer. Shipments of which are stuck in Montana.

Even more of Metro service is suspended today than yesterday. There is no

Santa? or The Boyo Snowman?

Santa? or The Boyo Snowman?

hope of getting to the library, even though I have even more books due today. The Boyo went to his building to pick up more things (half of which her forgot), but he would play hell getting there today, as the bus he took is suspended. I’m glad he’s staying for a few days over the holidays, because it is really difficult for me to get around now. Friday duty is the least of it.

For those who are concerned, yes we have plenty of food. The one thing we are low on is dog food, but Ican send The Boyo to the grocery store for that. Well, if I could get to the bank that is. I don’t have any cash, and he doesn’t have any money, period, since he hasn’t been paid for several weeks. With the credit crunch, I suspect the guy he’s been doing the work for is avoiding him. It will all shake out. He is the only  person in the world I would trust with my debit card and pin number. Well, OK, there is one sister I would trust. But she’s in Colorado.

At least we didn’t get the high winds that were forcast for this storm. Well, except at Snoqualimie Pass, which had blizzard conditions this morning and was shut down. That would have brought power outages. It doesn’t usually affect downtown because we have underground utilities, but 100mph winds might affect something somewhere else that would put us in the dark. I have candles and an oil lamp, flashlights and at least all the residual heat is not going out the windows. Makes me wish I’d invested in some of those self-cooking wilderness meals or MRE’s though. I do have an emergency kit with some concentrated food energy bars in it, and water in gallon jugs.

One thing at Metro that didn’t shut down is the shuttles for the Seahawks game. Although why anyone would go to a game in this weather is beyond me. But they did win today.

Yesterday I made bread and soup, today I will probably make zucchini bread and banana bread. Even though I don’t have enough room in the freezer. Hey, I can just set it out on the ledge outside the windows.  Tomorrow is cookies and chili, I think. Pray the power stays on.

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin

The Boyo gave me one of my Solstice presents yesterday. It is a small marble statue of KuanYin, the Goddess of Mercy.  Kuan Yin, along with Brigid is one of my patronesses. Or is that matroness? I was surprised! As for his gift, he has asked for baked goods, and to work on his computer, so that’s what he’s getting since I didn’t get the GPS unit yet. And maybe a couple of more ephemeral gifts, too.

Speaking of gifts, I’ve decided to send those weather chaps to my dad, who is in a wheelchair. They won’t fit me, but I think they’ll fit him. He won’t get them by Christmas, but the family is coming to him rather than him going out to their houses.

Well, I just shoved The Boyo out the door with a grocery list, and the means to pay for it. Guess I’ll go wash the dishes so I can cook some more. Maybe have a bite of soup.

Outside my building.

Outside my building.


  1. Your street looks beautiful and Christmasy in all that snow but, having just been buried myself, it gets old fast.

  2. lovely statue

  3. i know it’s a huge pain – when the local services aren’t used to the snow especially. but it’s gorgeous…

  4. Kym- I couldn’t agree with you more. Especially if you’re not used to it.

    Nurse Myra- Thank you.

    Daisy Fae- We’d have to change our whole infrastructure to accommodate the hills if we got this stuff all the time. I imagine we’d have cable cars or cog railways or something going up the hills in that case. Gorgeous, yes, and very Christmassy.

  5. Looks a bit like Winnipeg in spring time… or just after Halloween.

    I remember when I lived in Bristol, England that the whole city would come to a standstill after a light overnight dusting of snow.

    Snow wimps! 😉

    • Az- Says she who lives where it is 68 degrees F as I type this, and is
      complaining of freezing to death.

  6. Well yeah, because it shouldn’t ever be 9ºC inside one’s house.

    Hey, I’ve done -40º more often than I care to remember … just one of the many reasons I now live in the south of Spain.

    Now if I could just get my landlord to understand the concept of double-glazed windows … but as the washing machine broke down this morning I think I have more pressing issues to discuss with him.

    Just in time for Christmas!

    But I do have to admit the snow in Seattle does look very pretty, especially from this safe distance.

  7. Enough already! I’ve been thawing (and even warming) the hummingbird feeder because our local hummingbirds don’t migrate, but I found one dead, presumably of exposure, yesterday. Even keeping her in a box beside the heater overnight has not been enough to return her to life. 😦

    Let’s hope that the goddesses see fit to give us a break from this wether soon.

  8. Sorry; that should be “weather”

  9. Headlines up here state that Canada will see a white Christmas from coast to coast this year. First time in a very long time.

    Now that winter solstice is behind us I’m looking forward to lengthening days and more sunlight. Oh yeah, and spring!

    Happy Solstice to you and the boyo silverstar. Stay warm and safe.

    • Rob- Very much trying to stay warm here. Looking forward to longer days, b
      ut they won’t start being noticeably longer until about the end of January,
      when they start selling primroses in the stores here. That’s when I figure
      Spring starts, around Imbolc.

  10. […] light snow tomorrow.  The city is putting out the big guns, which they damned well should after Snowmaggedon last […]

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