Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 20, 2008

Hunkered Down!

The streets and sidewalks are like ice skating rinks, it’s colder than a witch’s tit well-diggers knees.  (Nobody has complained that my tits are cold.) I have been playing Geek Squad, trying to fix the used laptop The Boyo has, with the corrupted operating system. He bought it used, and it came with lots of porn. Some of which was hidden in the system files. So we formatted the disk, and put Windows XP upgrade on. Of course, now we have no drivers. Not to worry, Dell is going to send us a backup disk.

In the course of all this, we ventured out to Seattle Center, where they have free wi-fi at Center House. It was so slick, I thought I was going to have to chain up Epona to go up the hill. We got there about four, and most of the food court had already shut down. No Starbucks for me. (pout) But of course, we couldn’t get online because we didn’t have the wi-fi card drivers.

Center House was an interesting study. There was a fair number of people there, but mostly because the city told the homeless to go hang out there until the shelters opened for the night. So you had homeless men, homeless women and homeless families all hanging out. One other guy had a laptop, but mostly people were just sitting and chatting.

Meanwhile the city is under siege. Bus service has been cut by 50%, mostly because the buses can’t get up the hills, even with chains on. About 300 buses were out of commission and stranded somewhere at one time yesterday. One driver waited 12 hours for a tow. Articulated buses slid down hills and jack-knifed. One bus went down a steep embankment and landed in somebody’s back yard. It’ll probably be there a while, I don’t think it’s a priority for Metro to get it out. Miraculously, nobody has been badly hurt in a bus accident, not even in the two buses that ended up dangling over I-5. I’m glad they were high school students, and not elderly tourists. It could have been much worse.

Cars haven’t been so lucky, they seemed to have been playing 10-pins with each other.  Like these two. Humans fall down, go boom, break things, too. I’m glad I’m not working in the Emergency Room at Harborview right now. And don’t need their services either. House fires have increased because people are using space heaters, and maybe starting fires in their fireplaces and get chimney fires.

We are supposed to get more snow tonight, in the opposite direction to the usual one, which means that the downtown and shore areas will be dumped on, and the hills where the snow usually falls will get less. My Weatherbug has been throwing up alerts several times an hour, and won’t go away until you click on it. It seriously wants you to know there is another storm coming. Scariest is that we are supposed to get rain Monday and Tuesday, which will melt the snow and result in flooding. Just in time for Christmas.

So the current plan around here is that I am hunkered down, only taking Friday out as necessary, and bribing The Boyo to do that most of the time. Time to cook, sew, read. Be very grateful for new windows. Anytime I think they aren’t making a difference, all I have to do is go out into the hall where the windows haven’t been replaced yet.

Now it’s time for me to take Friday out, then crawl in bed and let The Boyo warm my feet up.


  1. holy crap – that’s incredible! saw the news this morning about seattle’s weather! i’m thinking you need snow tires and chains for Epona, if not for Friday as well…

    stay warm and keep up the “on scene reporting”! love it!

  2. Thanks for the information. Me this theme too interests. I shall read still.

  3. Wow. Amazing what a taste of non-standard weather can do to a city, eh? Kind of like New Orleans after Katrina. The barrier between “civilized” and “total anarchy” is thin indeed.

    Glad that you’re able to stay warm and snug thanks, in part, to the new windows.

    PS. How did you simply install XP upgrade on the portable? Didn’t it require proof of a previous OS, like Win98? As for drivers, you should be able to download them with another computer and then transfer to the portable with a memory stick or something. If you didn’t want to wait for a disk from Dell in the mail.

    • It can be done with XP and Vista, actually. Yeah, I could download the and
      burn them to disk, but The Boyo is content for the present to be able to
      play Scrabble on the machine. I don’t have a memory stick, sadly.The stuff
      he needs to work right now does. And I’ll keep the drivers at my place,
      where there will be a chance of finding them if we need them again.

  4. More snow? I think it’s amazing you take your dog for walk in this weather. They’re so funny when they’re not used to snow. Like they tip toe through it.

  5. Wow! The last time it snowed here in San Francisco was in 1973. I threw snowballs the corner of Polk and Lombard. The weather here has been in the low 40’s for the past week, not taking into account the wind chill factor, which here is something to reckon with. It’s actually a very good thing that below freezing temperatures are exceedingly rare here, as icy streets in S.F. would likely bring this city to a complete standstill.

    Love the snowflakes!

    Merry Christmas, Eileen.


    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Mark. We have a little hill thing going on
      here, and the city is pretty much at a standstill. Hate to see S.F. at a

  6. Hey, how are you? Seattle has had some real excitement lately! And snow now? I have about 6″ here nad beautiful. I went for a midnight walk, so fun…found two guys sledding…lol Kids to lay with!! Yea!

    I’ll help you do a rose tree! Thank you BTW..your blog looks terrific!

  7. Wow! Good weather/condition report. Do you have plenty of staples in the cupboard? It’s raining like hell here but it *should be* so no one has any trouble with it to speak of. Keep us all posted!
    That’s awful about the buses, that must be so disruptive for people.
    Also YAY on the windows! Remember how much you hated them the first time you saw them? Good to have a different perspective. Also, nice that they close, unlike certain other people’s windows in Spain. I may have to go over there with my visqueen and staple gun.

  8. I thought of you while I was watching the news. We’ve had almost 2 feet of snow since Friday, but in western NY, we are used to it..but..well…Ok, they had to close schools on Friday and may have to tomorrow too. Please be I am a fine one to suggest that..LOL..

    • Rambling-Thank goodness The Boyo is here for the duration. I can send him
      out on errands and with Friday, so I’m pretty set. Oh, and DON’T DO THAT

  9. Sherry, we have about three inches here right now. Hope you are able to stay warm up north.

    Beth, I really only hated the brown paper window treatment. Now that that’s gone, and I have the blinds and Christmas lights, I love them. I also love my homemade draft stopper under the door. It wasn’t staying under the door, and the temperature was dropping 10 degrees in here. I have some stuff you can put over windows and tighten with a blow drier I could send her, too. I don’t need it anymore. Probably wouldn’t get there until summer.

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