Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 17, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Inside it’s so delightful. Those new windows make a BIG difference. It has been  below freezing for a couple of days now. Sunny, but ohhh, so cold. For Seattle. Neither Friday, I nor Epona likes this kind of weather. I haven’t been out except for Friday to do the necessaries since Monday. Monday we tried to go to the library, but after waiting for the bus for 15 minutes, the lift didn’t work on it, and we just went back home. So I have a couple of overdue books. The temperature is all the way up to 36° F now, so I might try it again. It’s supposed to snow this afternoon, but right now we are getting sunbreaks. 

Apparently this arctic weather is supposed to persist for several days more. Or weeks. The weather forecasters on TV are saying that we haven’t had a persistent cold spell like this for about 18 years. And I have vivid memories of that one. 

The ex and I were pretty new to Washington, I think it was our second winter here. We lived up north near the border with Canada then, in Whatcom county. We lived in Ferndale, in a basement the size of a bowling alley, with only a woodstove for heat.  A small, tiny, inadequate, ancient, uncertified, and BTW illegal woodstove. Oh, the house did have electric heat, but the landlord didn’t want us to turn it on. And that would have been OK, if we had a nice woodstove like he had upstairs, that you could bank a fire in, and it would keep the place warm while you were gone. Nope, since our stove leaked air like a seive the fire went out. 

At this particular time it snowed about 18″, then it got a little warmer and rained, then immediately got colder again and froze. The upshot was that we had deeply rutted icy roads. All over the county. I had a four-wheel drive car, which my ex immediately approriated. So he had to take me to work. His car was a 1979 Cougar, one of the longest, lightest cars ever made by Detroit, and totally worthless on ice and snow. I couldn’t see over the nose of that car without sitting on a phone book. Which would then have made it so that my legs were too short. So it just looked like there wasn’t a driver when I drove that car. Which was mighty seldom. 

This deeply rutted roads and cold weather went on for a week or 10 days. And it sucked, big time. Every day, I had to go into work with the ex, and then take a taxi home 20 miles. Fortunately, work was paying for the taxis. 

This house sucked, too, because every time the wind blew, we would lose power. The houses across the street would have power, but on our side, the power was inevitably out. We wouldn’t lose heat if the woodstove was going, but we would lose power to the waterbed, making for some chilly nights. We took to sleeping in sleeping bags on those nights. I was very glad when we moved to town the next winter. Which was even worse in that the fool landlord had the roof redone, taking out the dutch gutters, and leaving us with no gutters. In the middle of a building boom where you needed to make arragements for those things six months ahead of time. All the water off the roof went straight down, and seeped into the basement, where it warped the floor in the kitchen, and kept a couple places in the rug eternally wet.  I was glad to get out of there. 

So I think since the temperature is above freezing, I may attemp the library again. Since it’s not snowing yet. I got the weather chaps, but unfortunately they seem to be the Heidi Klum model, way to long for my legs, and not wide enough for my lap. They will have to go back, but now I know how and what they’re made of, so I may be able to build my own. Later, when I can get to Ballard without freezing.


  1. I think most of what in the stores is made for Heidi Klum…LOL..I hope your weather improves so you can get around more easily.

    • Me, too, Rambling. Three days and I’m already tired of it. No snow yet, but
      they predict snow for Sunday, again.

  2. Definitely a non standard winter.

    Another blog I read had a recent post highlighting the continuing non-agreement amongst scientists as to whether or not global warming is or isn’t happening or whether it is or isn’t anthropogenic in nature.

    I observed that: 1) the debate was tiresome and not going anywhere or getting us anywhere, and 2) that, in our neck of the woods, it was raining. In December. Un. Heard. Of.

    Of course, I was rebutted with stories of snow in Houston, TX and New Orleans, LA.

    A recent article I read on-line reported that Arctic Sea Ice loss is occurring more rapidly than additionally thought. In accordance with that fact, the air temperatures are also warming more rapidly.

    I know all that doesn’t help with the local weather conditions we’re all experiencing. At the end of the day, the only word I would use to describe the weather is: Unpredictable.

    I am, I imagine like yourself, looking forward to the solstice and then the gradual return of increased hours of sunlight. This time of year I just hate the sun’s path is a small arc from southeast to southwest, never getting more than about 30 or 40 degrees above the horizon.

    In the meantime, stay warm.

    BTW, cool story from years ago. I can kind of relate. Almost.

    • Rob- One explanation of the colder temperatures in some places is that the
      melting sea ice is tending to submerge some of the currents that keep us
      warm, like the Gulf Stream, and whatever goes by Seattle that warms us. So
      you may get warmer temperatures, but ours may be colder due to the melting
      of the sea ice. Meh, Whatever.

  3. Weather chaps?

  4. Nurse Myra- They’re like a lap blanket for wheelchair patients, but have a pocket on the bottom for your feet. These are nylon on the outside and fleece on the inside. And they have a belt that buckles around your waist.

  5. I wish I had windows that closed! 😦

    This morning it was 9º (C) in my bedroom!

    • Az- OK, 48.2 F is too cold for inside. Don’t they have tenants rights
      organizations over there? They’d be jailed for having a building in that
      poor repair here. Check into it before you get pneumonia on top of
      everything else.

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