Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 14, 2008

It does snow in Seattle


Yes it does, occasionally. That occasion was last night. I had to hurry up and take pictures of it. Usually, it starts to rain then, and the snow goes away. It might be around most of the week, though, as temperatures are not predicted to be below  freezing for most of the week. The temperature right now is 28° F, and the new windows are making a big difference. I’m not sitting in my chair wrapped in a quilted throw.


More snow art


We can be grateful it didn't stick on the pavement and make black ice.

I went out and took some pictures at 2AM when it was still snowing.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Snow art, Seattle style

Snow art, Seattle style


  1. love the snow art! great thing to do with snow covered cars! we haven’t had much here this year – yet….

    • Well, Daisy Fae, we don’t have enough for snowmen. Got to make do with what
      you’ve got.

  2. Very pretty to have a light coating…

  3. I think I would take a light dusting of snow over -30 C temperatures. I don’t know. I used to work outside in -40 C temps and now I can’t last more than a few minutes when it’s *only* -25 C.

    • Rob, I would take almost anything over – 30 C temperatures. A relocation to
      Hawaii comes to mind. We used to do stuff when we were younger that our
      bodies rebel against these days.

  4. I like the little dustings. I just hate to travel anywhere when there is snow. It looks so pretty but it is dangerous if you aren’t used to it and :whine: its cold. As my cousin says, ” they need to invent warm snow.”

  5. I like the sort of snow that falls overnight, turns everything into a glorious winter wonderland in the morning sun, and then is gone by lunchtime. When I lived in Salamanca there were a few days like that.

  6. is that a reflected building in the second photo? It looks fantastic!

    • It is indeed, Nurse Myra. The building doing the reflecting is across the
      street from me, the one reflected is next door to my building.

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