Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 12, 2008

Self-Indulgent Twit


New coat

New coat

With the gift of a large check from my father, I’ve decided to be a self-indugent twit. I started off tonight. I b0ught myself an expensive new coat. Self-indulgent to the max. I mean, just because my “good” coat is 8 or 9 years old, and the zipper is broken is no excuse.  And just because the coat I’ve been wearing is not suitable for a Seattle winter unless you just go from the house to the car, is no reason to buy a new coat. But I did anyway. I got tired of being wet in a mild mist, and having the wind blow up my sleeves when riding Epona at 5 miles an hour. I got a goretex coat with a lining that zips in and out, so it’s like two coats. And it’s warm and waterproof. Of course, it never rains in Seattle, so that was self-indulgent. But I’ll do penance for my indulgence by replacing the zipper in my old coat, and giving both coats to the “Jesus lady” who I am sure will be collecting coats for the poor soon, like she does every year.


I also bought two books. No excuse, but they are references, one for a program I use less than I should because I forget how to do things, and one for a craft I indulge in.  Bad, bad. 

I’ve also decided to get new glasses. Even though it’s only been six years since I got these, and just because one of the lenses keeps popping out is no excuse to go for a whole new pair of glasses. I have vision coverage on my Medicare Advantage plan, but it’s a joke. Not even the “preferred providers” will mess with it. And it only pays $100 for glasses. That might buy one lens these days. My one vanity is no-line bifocals, so they cost a little more. But they are easier to use with a computer.  Besides, I wore bifocals for five years when I was a kid in an experimental program to treat nearsightedness. I never want to see bifocals again. Self-indulgent twit. 

I also decided to replace the battery in my PDA. The thing is half my brain, and I’ve missed it. But they want as much for a battery for it as for a pair of batteries for Epona. However, it’s where I tracked everything from my menstrual period, to my blood pressure, to …well, lots of things. And where I kept the grocery lists, all my addresses and phone numbers, etc. And I could go on-line with it since it was Wi-Fi capable. So now I can replace the battery, and have my brain back up to speed. Important on those days when I’m lost in “fibro-fog.” Totally self-indulgent. 

And then I want to get a nice present for The Boyo. I know he wants a GPS system, and needs it, too. He suffered a skull fracture in a bicycling accident a couple years ago (learned the “don’t leave home without your helmet” lesson the hard way), and still has some deficits on some days. One of which is that he gets lost, then drives around until he figures out how to get where he’s going. Not good at the price of gas. He’s trying to discourage me from buying it, or at least to wait until after Christmas. But, hey, I don’t think we are going to see a lot of markdowns after Christmas, I think retailers are taking them now this year to increase sales. So I want to self-indulgently buy it now, since we are planning a road trip at Christmas. Besides, Boxing Day sales are about as bad as Black Friday.

Then there is the problem of the HDTV card. The analog tuner I have now is a dual tuner. I can watch and/or record two shows  at once. All the HDTV dual tuner cards seem to have one digital and one analog tuner. One of which will be useless after February. You would think they would have brought out digital dual tuners by now, but then again, not everybody watches TV on their computer. Most of the cards require a PCI-e slot, too. My graphics card is in that slot. I could get a graphics card with a HDTV tuner, and replace my graphics card. It’s more than I want to pay, though, and I have a perfectly good graphics card. Or I could just get a converter, and keep using my analog tuner. The Boyo suggested I get a new TV, but then I wouldn’t have a DVR, unless I hook it up to the computer. Decisions, decisions. It’s making my head hurt. I think I’ll go self-indulgently watch TV now.


  1. Not self indulgent! It was a GIFT from your Dad! you’re, ummm… SUPPOSED to buy stuff for yourself with it! Seems a nice combination of useful and fun stuff to me (like that it’s heavy on the geek-side!)

    • Well, Daisy Fae, I’d hate to lose my membership in the GWW by not being
      geeky, you know.

      P.S. I’m being snarky, as usual.

  2. I’m glad you were able to get some things that you needed…

  3. I think I want to make friends with your dad.

    A) The check wasn’t that big, just BIG to me.
    B) The only reason I got it is that he got a settlement from a class-action suit he is involved in, and figures at 89, with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, those of us who will probably live longer might need it more. Especially this year. I think he gave all my sibs the same amount.
    C) He already has a girlfriend. She’s older than he is.

  4. Get into the corner with you, you self-indulgent twit!

    Just kidding! Glad that a little more joy has come into your world. There are many who could or would never the learn what self-denial really is.

    BTW, nice holiday decor you have around here. No, really. I sincerely mean that. I do. Really.

  5. Boy, what a self-indugent twit! 😉

    That coat sure looks nice and warm. When do we get to see the new glasses?

  6. Hey, how come my santa hat (courtesy of Archie) is showing up here and nowhere else on WP? Must be the magical Christmas theme…

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