Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 10, 2008

The Books on my Bookshelf

You may remember the meme that Healing Magic Hands put up the other day. So I took a picture of the bookshelf, but now she tells us we have to describe the books. Here’s a picture of the books again:

My bookshelf

My bookshelf

And here’s some descriptions:


  • Circle Round by Starhawk, Dianne Baker and Anne Hill
    This book is for Pagan families with children. It has ritual suitable for children for all the Sabbats and for rites of passage. I especially like some of the chants in the book, and have used them in writing ritual for myself. It is a much used and much loved book from when I was very active in a group.
  • Windows Vista Step by Step
    It’s a good intro to Vista, but not many people have Vista I guess. I do, and I like it. But that’s just me.
  • Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy
    Another book that is well-loved and well-used since I mostly work with the Celtic pantheon.
  • Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies This is a pretty comprehensive book on Dreamweaver 8, which is a website building software, now put out by Adobe. I use it occasionally when I’m building a website.
  • Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
    This book is part of the Stanford program for managing chronic conditions. I really should pay more attention to this book, and use it more.
  • Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat
    A good textbook for Pagans wanting to go beyond skiing the magickal bunny slope. It has a lot of history and philosophy in it, as well as some practical matters.
  • The Chalice and the Blade by Rianne Eisler.
    A basic feminist spirituality text. I read it so long ago I don’t remember it well.
  • The White Goddess by Robert Graves
    A scholarly work recommended to feminist spirituality types. I can’t claim to have read it.
  • Celtic Women’s Spirituality by Edain McCoy
    I haven’t used this one as much as the other book by McCoy, who is a force in Celtic Spirituality, well as far as Llewellyn books are concerned. Not necessarily scholarly, but somewhere above Silver Ravenwolf.
  • The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort
    The Classic. Enough said. I have both volumes, but apparently not together on my shelf. Perhaps I need to remedy that.
  • Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards
    One of those books I’m always saying I’m going to work with more, but never do. *sigh*
  • Celtic Battle Heroes by James Field, John Matthews and Bob Stewart
    I mostly use this book as a reference when writing ritual, if I need a strong character. Like Boadicea, queen of the Britons.
  • The Partnership Way by Loye and Eisler
    A book on how to partner with someone, either same or opposite sex. The Boyo and I used it when we first partnered to set the boundaries for our relationship.
  • The Natural Way to Draw by Niccolaides
    Yeah, yeah, another book I’m always going to work with, and never do.

Not pictured but should be included in the half meter:

  • Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert A Johnson
    A little Jungian psychology, anyone? Recommended to anyone in a depression.
  • The Celtic Book of the Dead by Caitlin Matthews
  • Delineates the worlds Celtic Pagans may encounter in the afterlife. Mainly used for divination by me.

  • The Pro-Nurse Handbook by Melodie Chenevert
    This book was written in 1985, and I wish I could say nursing has made some progress in the two decades since then, but the same issues apply, and indeed, some of them have worsened.
  • Why Dogs are Better Than Men by Jennifer Berman
    A gift from a friend during my divorce. It made me smile. Of course it also has a section (small) on why men are better than dogs. I like men, but dogs won’t leave you. 


  1. these sound interesting – definitely eclectic! i’m afraid i couldn’t describe most of the books on my shelves. even though i’m done with my 8 months of nights/weekend coursework? i still haven’t picked up a book. guess it’s all that unpacking i still have to do. not that i’m doing it. mostly faffing about on the interweb… i should read more.

  2. Eclectic indeed. But an awesome collection. I’m quite covetous!

  3. That is an interesting collection…

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