Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 8, 2008

City Yule Lights and other news

First the good news. I unexpectedly got a large check from my Dad today. More than a month of my SSDI. Wow! Totally not expecting that! So this will be a very good Yule for The Boyo and me. We will be able to rent a car for a week to go to Bellingham, and to a local ritual. And maybe to go Xmas shopping. And the HDTV tuner card for my computer is mine! Yes. And the gift catalog from Heifer International came in the mail today, so some of my good fortune will get passed along. And I will spend my birthday money from  a certain Ferragamo Donor for a Gorilla pod, especially since I managed to break my tripod today. I have another one, but think the gorilla pod will be easier to manage. 

Now for the bad news. There is no bad news!!! Sorry! But here’s a bad joke my dad told me the other day. This one is worthy of Archie’s Archive.  Three men die, and end up at the pearly gates on Christmas Eve. Saint Peter is there to greet them, and tells them they can’t get into heaven unless they have something Christmassy on them. The first guy goes up to the gate, and pulls out some mistletoe, and St. Peter lets him in. The second guy goes up to the gate and pulls out some candles, and St. Peter lets him in. The third guy goes up to the gate, and pull out a pair of panties. St. Peter is flabbergasted. What can this have to do with Christmas? At which point the third guy says “But they’re Carols.” 

In other news I have been inducted into the GWW, Geeky Women of the World. Installing the hard drive was the first requisite. Having my sister, who has a degree in software engineering, call me to ask a computer question capped it off.  Now I’m going to make myself a crown that say Geek on it. 

Now, on to the pictures! Kymk, these are for you. They are pictures of Westlake Park and Westlake Center, in the heart of  downtown Seattle. It’s a lot of fun down there. There is another carousel there, as well as carriage rides and other things. 


The Star

The Star


Westlake Center Xmas Tree

Westlake Center Xmas Tree


Snowflakes on building

Snowflakes on building


Horse and Carriage

Westlake Mall

Westlake Mall


  1. excellent news!

  2. You’ll have to come back and read the bad joke I added, Nursie.

  3. Very interesting post, great pictures, wonderfully written [While Silverstar is distracted by the fulsome praise the joke is quietly burgled and put away to reappear in several months time]

  4. I had an idea that would conjure you, Archie.

  5. That is good news and festive photos to go with the good news..I see you found the snow too..neat isn’t it? @:}

  6. Yes, I love the snow, on the blog anyway, Rambling. Changed to this theme for the holidays just so the snow would show up nicely.

  7. You know that Christmas song, Silver Bells? Your photos have really brought it alive–especially that one of the horse and carriage with the red lights in the background! I almost, almost need a city fix. Beautiful!

  8. i’m a total sucker for happy news – and the “horse and carriage over the holidays” thing…

    Congrats on your induction into the GWW – need to see that crown!

  9. So glad you had good news, and it was very cool to read that you intend to share your good fortune.

    Your pictures made me homesick for the Seattle area. when Jim was stationed in Bremerton, we loved hopping the ferry over to the big city.

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