Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 7, 2008

What’s on your bookshelves?

So Healing Magic Hands tapped me for her new meme about what’s on your bookshelves. The meme is an outgrowth of another meme of 100 books we all should read, or something. Most of the books on the list are classics, but some of them  are just “bestsellers”, and there is some disagreement as to what should be on the list. 

Anyway, the new meme is to take 18″ of one of your bookshelves, (or half a meter for you metric fans) and without rearranging them, show what’s on your shelf. Since I had the windows done recently, and had to pack away all my books, then had a friend help me put them back, they are in probably a more random order than they might otherwise be. But I think it shows my eclecticism. 


HMH used the books to the right of her dragon, a very cool dragon. So I decided to show my family of dragons. They live on another bookshelf on the other wall of the room. The three little ones were made by a local artist named Saji out of Sculpty. Of course, we also have to have a china Friday dog, and some frogs. I’d turn them back to people, but I can’t remember who they are, and what they did to deserve frogging.  And so ends today’s lazy blogging. 


  1. Eclectic but with a slant towards celtic–that doesn’t quite rhyme but almost;>

  2. definitely e-celtic (?)… impressed that anyone can do anything with sculpy other than snakes….

  3. How interesting. Thanks for playing the meme, Silverstar.

    This may be a dangerous meme. In perusing your shelf, I discover that there is a Starhawk book that I don’t own yet, which means I will probably have to get it. I have the White Goddess and the Chalice and the Blade, as well as quite a few other wiccan books, but they aren’t out in the public areas where they could freak out my clients.

    How is the book by Grey Cat, Deepening witchcraft?

  4. This assumes that one puts books on a shelf at all which isn’t exactly the case here.

  5. Kym- and that isn’t even half of my Celtic books.

    Daisy Fae- e- celtic, I like that. Yeah, lots of computer books and lots of Celtic books.

    HMH- The Grey Cat book is very good as a textbook, lots of history, philosophy and ethics. It has some arrangement problems, as I would put the chapter on personal growth before the chapter on organizing a festival size ritual. Circle Round is aimed a families with children, and unless you lead ritual in child-friendly circles probably isn’t essential Starhawk. I find The Pagan Book of Living and Dying more essential at this time. I did lead child-friendly ritual, which is why I have Circle Round.

    Annie- I’d never find anything if I didn’t shelve it. And sometimes it’s still hard.

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