Posted by: silverstar98121 | December 1, 2008

More Winterfest



Space Needle in the rain.

Space Needle in the rain.

I went to Seattle Center tonight to see the lights, and to hear some music. There is music almost every day at Seattle Center during Winterfest. And it was raining today, so I wanted to be inside most of the time. But first I stopped to take a picture of the Space Needle sans fog. Not a good picture, but maybe interesting. I will have to try again when it’s not raining.  


So, inside tonight they had students from Cornish College of the

Students play chamber music.

Students play chamber music.


Arts playing chamber music. Admission is free. The only complaint I have is that they schedule these things for 5PM on a weeknight, so they are poorly attended. Probably only the student’s family and friends were there. Which is too bad, because they really were good. 


The Village

The Village

Besides the music, one of the big attractions is the train layout, and the train. It’s a big O scale train with an elaborate layout depicting a “19th century village” according to the literature. But, ahem, there is a small plane flying over it. Well, with Boeing in town, what do you expect? It also has two ice ponds that skaters dance on, and a carousel that works, and which resembles the carousel outside the ice rink a lot. 




And of course, there has to be a Christmas tree, and a snow-globe or two. And a board where you can pick a card to buy a gift for someone in need. Not this year, *sigh*.  


Cute Couple.

Cute Couple.

O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree!

Community gift center.

Community gift center.




  1. That looks like so much fun. I do sometimes envy people the city life.

  2. this looks like big fun! and i loves me some Big-O. Trains, that is!

  3. miniature village? oooh I love those things even more than I love carousels.

    why is there an enormous block of white space between king street station and cute couple? is it my browser? your site doesn’t usually look like this…..

    • I need to fix it, Nurse Myra, the thing was being picky last night when I
      was uploading pictures.

  4. there’s an outdoor display here – millions of lights – that i visit every year, just to see what has been added to the miniature village! a drive in theater, football stadium (with marching band), santa flying over rooftops and the whole mess! makes me delirously happy every time i see it… even last year, when i was pushing mom around in her wheelchair – through about 2 inches of mud!

  5. It seems that many things are scheduled at times when people won’t be able to attend…but it looks like you had fun and I enjoyed the photos…

  6. I see you fixed it now 🙂

  7. Seattle must be a cool place to live. I’ve never even visited but I’d certainly like to.
    I liked your pic of the space needle.

    • You should come to Seattle, Beth. Maybe for Folklife on Memorial Day weekend. I’m trying to talk Daisy Fae into coming then for all the Celtic music.

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