Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 18, 2008

Various updates

So, it’s time for various updates. What happened, for instance, in the meeting with the big wigs from my building about all my violations? Ummm…nothing. They never showed. Never called. Nothing. So I waited a week, wondering if I’d mistaken the date. The only thing that happened yesterday is they had me fill out the paperwork to renew my lease. Another Psuedo-inspection. And I made a pitch for a lower rent because my medical expensed exceed 3% of my income. Hell, my co-pays exceed 3% of my income. Before Parts B, C, and D. They tried to say that they made allowances for that. What they allow for is your expenses being about 3% of income, and most folks are too ignorant to challenge them. Of course, most folks in this building are on Medicaid, and it doesn’t apply. I could be, too, if my medical expenses exceeded 50% of my income, but they only come to 25%. With the loosening of food stamp requirements, I just did the calculator and I am eligible for food stamps. A whole $14 worth. I guess I’ll go apply tomorrow, because food stamp eligibility will get me into the free vet clinic, too. Fourteen bucks is $14 these days. And that’s $14 I can spend on the other accoutrements of civilization, like toilet paper and laundry detergent. 

Recent searches on my blog:

magic needles

peacock pictures

tome for bread to rise

how to tell sex of crimson rose

I’ve got no freaking idea where half of those came from. 

I emailed the address of the Veteran’s day tribute I did to some siblings, and heard back from a couple of them. My brother had thought Uncle Edwin died in Europe. Well, always double check your info, so I called the horse’s mouth, my Dad. And got the complete story. Uncle Edwin was with a tow plane squadron based on Guam. On the day he died, they were flying, and began to have engine trouble. They tried to make an abandoned Japanese airstrip on the island of Tinian, but crashed 100 yds short of the runway when the wing fell off. He’s still listed as “killed in action.” How different from these days when the administration is doing it’s best to hide the true number of casualtys in this useless war we are fighting. 

Well, b b b b’lieve that’s all folks.


  1. So when will the landlords look at lowering the rent? If you line it out on paper for them (i.e. do the math for them so they don’t have to learn how to use the calculator) they will have to, right? Rules iz rules.

    • The rent will go down January 1 if I get the stuff pulled together. I would
      just be happy if it didn’t go up like it did last year. We have to do this
      crap every year. And I probably should have looked at making them do an
      interim adjustment after I saw what a disaster last year was, but I still
      had some savings then.

  2. good that the management is too disorganized to show up for the meeting!

    here’s hoping you win the battle on rent… seems as though the math shouldn’t be hard, but then again, they can’t seem to work a calendar, let alone a calculator…

  3. They check the oven? I hope they don’t look at mine. There is a lack of dignity to needing any kind of government help because they can and do know so much about you. Yet with all the prying the programs still have huge administrative costs and still don’t meet the needs. Can’t we do better and shouldn’t we do better…getting off my soapbox. Sorry you had to suffer through this….

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