Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 16, 2008

Charmed Again!

I went to the grocery store today. What an ordeal lately. It seems that every time it costs a few dollars more to buy the same stuff. I had to buy a lot of staples today, like beans, sugar, flour and yeast. And I needed vegetables to make soups and stews. And a little meat from the 30% off pile. And still, it broke me. 

So, here I was, sitting here feeling sorry for myself, playing Freecell on the computer, when TING! there was a notification of an email. And it said “donation received”. So I go look at it, and indeed it is a donation. Of just the amount I needed. Saved by the bell! Happy dance. 

And so my charmed life continues. I’m looking forward to the books from Nurse Myra, and another little something may come in the mail, too. So thank you, people, thank you, Universe. My face is starting to hurt from smiling.

Now off to make banana bread from the bananas I got for 29¢ a pound.


  1. Mmm, banana bread. With walnuts, or without?

    • Beth- Without this time. Not in my budget.

  2. I think I have tried every theme there is. I like this one too. I think I need to get away from the computer..LOL..I love banana bread…it makes the whole house smell good…

  3. I made a tasty cheap soup last night – a borscht variation with one large potato, an onion, a can of baby beets, 1/4 sliced savoy cabbage, 5 cups of beef stock, ground pepper and salt. After you simmer it all together for 15 minutes, slice some raw beef very finely and put it in the bottom of your soup bowls then pour the hot soup over it.

    the meat gets cooked by the hot liquid. you can add a dollop of yoghurt and some chives as well if you have them.

    hope the books arrive soon

    • Mmmm, that sounds tasty, Nurse Myra. I’ll have to try it. I hope the books
      get here soon, too.

  4. I know how much the budget pinch hurts. No matter what the month it seems like the groceries eat up all the free cash. I know it’s a pain, but remember there is the food bank if you need it. I have friends that shop there often.

  5. It’s cosmic accounting … glad to hear it’s working for you too. *hugs*

  6. Katt- They used to bring a food bank to my building once a week. As gas, etc. went up. that stopped. The nearest food bank is not accessible, ie, it’s up some stairs in a building without elevators. And I find the food banks here less generous than the ones I’ve “shopped” at in Bellingham. Rarely any bread, or fresh vegetables, and there’s only so much mac and cheese I can eat before I turn yellow. And they wonder why poor people are obese. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can locate a food bank in this area that is accessible. Maybe I can get a turkey butt for Thanksgiving.

    Az- I love cosmic accounting, don’t you.

  7. can you grow something like arugula or spinach in a pot on your windowsill?

    • Nurse Myra- I might be able to grow a small pot of something, but I don’t
      have a lot of light. I might have to have a Gro-light to do it. I’ve thought
      about getting some herbs to grow.

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