Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 12, 2008

Lazy Blogging

Rachel – The Annotated Sarah Palin

Can we quit talking to/about this woman already?


  1. Okay. This Rachel Maddow segment really disappointed me. I have found other Maddow segments both informative and amusing, but in this one, she goes too far. She’s manipulating segments of the interview and pulling things out of context.

    I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, believe me, but this is not helping. Apparently, someone (media? RNC?) thinks that Palin is a viable threat for a comeback in 2012 and is seeking to do everything possible to neutralize her.

    Keith Olbermann did a similar segment (Countdown) using the same video clip. It too was over the top.

    I have also watched the entire video interview without the “benefit” of talking head narration. The woman does a good enough job of proving (at least to me) why she’s not suited for the office of POTUS on her own. She doesn’t need help.

    I would certainly like to hear no more of Sarah Palin in the future.

  2. Sorry Rob, I was just being lazy while my other video cooked.

  3. here’s hoping that Ms. Palin becomes simply an interesting footnote in history… or gets her own show on the Outdoor Network as Caribou Barbie.

    agree that she doesn’t need help with manipulated interviews…

  4. Hey silverstar, no need for you to apologize. It’s the media talking heads that won’t quit pushin’ this rope!


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