Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 9, 2008


Even though I am tired, today was a better day. I actually spent yesterday reading books under my SAD light, and today my Best Gal-Pal came over at a moment’s notice to help me get things squared away. Many boxes were unpacked, laundry was done, floors were mopped, etc. I can actually move around in my apartment. A few more things need to be done, but they are things that can be done quickly in the morning. Then we went over to my favorite Mexican place for dinner. I also gave her a pin I had intended to give her last Christmas, and a book she found while putting books away about a Cat’s Christmas. This was a book my sister had given me years ago, and which I wasn’t particularly enamored of, not being a cat person, but I knew that her mother the Crazy Cat Lady™, would enjoy it. Be it known, however, that I sent her home when I did so that I could get a little rest. I definitely felt I was keeping up with the Joneses, here. Even though she was doing most of the work. And I would like to thank another friend for reminding me I have other friends than The Boyo, and all I have to do is call on them.

There is a mystery, however. Why is it that the stuff that all fit in this space before doesn’t fit here now? I used to be able to get all my books on my shelves, now I have two boxes of spill-over. Well, they can stay boxed up. And perhaps some of them will go to Friends of the Library or something. Other things also need to leave. By the looks of the “free pile” downstairs, other folks are also getting rid of stuff, too. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so they say.

So, I’m going to go watch some TV now, and rest a bit. Eat some chocolate, too. That should help. See you on the flip-flop, as the trucker’s used to say on the CB radio.


  1. I know all about how difficult it is to call on friends … it’s much better when they understand this and can just make themselves available. When nursemyra was here she was very good at doing this. And a couple of my Sevilla friends have also proved to be invaluable in this way. But I also had to learn how to ask for help, which was hard.

    They say that moving is one of the top five most stressful life events, and even though you only had to move out of your livingroom, it sounds like it’s been very disruptive and discombobulating. But at least you have new windows now and should be snug and warm this winter!

    The Cat’s Christmas link isn’t working … sounds like something I’d like. 🙂

    Did the chocolate help? I’m thinking of making a video showing my snibbling technique, so then all you’d have to do is watch it and pretend that you’re my little black cat Azar. Though I find that just watching his response to a good snibbling is as beneficial for me as it clearly is for him.

  2. OK, Az, I fixed the link. But here’s a few more for you.

  3. There was a span of about 8 or 9 years when we moved on average of every 11 months. It was terrible. It was before Andrew was born, and then for some years while he was still fairly young. It was very disruptive. We were moving for his father’s work, and then Andrew and I would be in the strange new place, alone, and his father would be working 80 hours a week. It was a long, bad time. If Andrew and I are fucked up, I put a lot of it on moving too much. New doctors, new babysitters, new jobs, no friends, always lost. It sucked ass, and finally I put my foot down when Andrew started going to grade school. I got a decent job and told Rick that Andrew and I weren’t going to move again, he could do whatever he needed to. It worked.

    Look! It’s all about me again! Sorry.

    But, yeah, moving is prettying f*cking stressful. For 4 days or 4 months or 4 years. And not being physically able to do it very well must compound all the frustration. I’m glad your friend came over to help, aren’t you glad (except for the crazy factor) that she was on the high end of the swing? Timing is everything.

  4. Beth, I’m glad she has the energy, however it comes.

  5. I had to move once when my youngest child was 3 months old and I was breastfeeding him every two hours and totally exhausted.

    my then-husband borrowed a friend’s van and made a couple of trips with it while paid removalists did the big stuff which they just dumped in the middle of each room and left.

    my ex said he had to take his friend out for lunch to thank him for lending us the van. so that’s what he did and I didn’t see him again for 10 hours!

    he still wonders why I left him…..

  6. Moving. Eek! Jim and I did it far too often when he was in the Navy. Even though large men came and packed our stuff and moved it from point A to point B for us, it was still extremely stressful. Sometimes I look around this place, in which we have lived without moving since 1996, and I cringe in terror at the very thought of having to move.

  7. Nurse Myra-sounds like my ex.

    HMH- And the longer you’ve been in a place, the worse it is. I know, I cleaned out both of my grandparent’s houses, one of which had been there 30 years, and the other 60 years.

  8. maybe instead of sitting under a SAD light, you should get a HAPPY light? okay, okay… yeah, i know what it really is, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity [smirk]

  9. moved after 20 years… and know the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with boxes. the best therapy i’ve found is giving it away as i unpack… for many things, if i haven’t used it for 5 years, i’m pretty sure there’s someone out there who can, so it goes out the door! have gotten rid of a large table, couch, two TVs, a bed and a futon… and they are all finding good use elsewhere!

    good luck… it’ll get better!

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