Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 7, 2008

Gloomy Gus

Old Windows

Old Windows

I’m down in the dumps. I have nothing kind, good or funny to say today. If you don’t want to read me whine, feel free to click away. I don’t blame you.

Part of it is due to the weather. We are in the middle of a “pineapple express”.  a storm that comes out of Hawaii, and brings warm winds and torrential rains. Half the state is in a flood watch. We got about three inches of rain just yesterday. It was pouring. This tends to bring out the arthritis in my knees.

Part of it was coming home to find that the promised help didn’t materialize. The Boyo got me over here, but then had to go to work. And I was told industrial cleaners were coming. So I waited and waited. No cleaners, no help, until I went downstairs and got the assistant property manager to help me get the boxes of books out of the bathroom, so I could pee. Then he left. The Boyo came back and helped in the evening, but by that time, I was exhausted and in a lot of pain. About all I could do was sit in my chair with my legs elevated, with ice packs on my knees, and wait for the Vicodin to kick in. I got the bathroom and kitchen cleaned up, and cleared off  the bed, but I still have piles and piles of boxes to unpack.

Today I found out that I’d been reported to have dog urine and feces in a closet in my apartment. Excuse me? that closet was so full of junk my dog couldn’t have gotten in there. And I think I would have detected it. OK, my apartment is about knee-deep in dirt and dog hair, but I’m usually on top of the biologicals. So what was it? I think it may have been a sack of dessicated potatoes. And getting caught in bed with someone who is not on my lease is problematic, too. There are some really onerous rules when you live in public housing, and whether or not they choose to enforce them depends. But since I’m in the doghouse anyway…They’d better give me as many chances and appeals as the drug dealer next door got before they finally got rid of him.

And my check will have evaporated as soon as I buy some food and dog food. As usual. I’d go get drunk, but I can’t afford it. And the time change also exacerbates whatever tendency I have toward winter depression. It will take a couple of weeks to adjust.

New windows with lovely window treatment

New windows with lovely window treatment

And then there is the windows. The lovely, much

bedroom window

bedroom window

anticipated windows. Truly, they are nice, don’t leak (in my apartment, although there are other people having problems.) But I don’t get to enjoy them because the window treatment they’ve issued for the present sucks. We are supposed to get new blinds, but when? We waited five years for the windows. I fear this will persist into the new year. Just what I need, a dark apartment made darker. I’m also not impressed to find out that they put tinted windows in. If they had asked the residents we could have told them that although the windows on this side of the building face southwest, the angle is such that we get solar gain in the winter, not the summer. But then , we are just poor people, we don’t get any input.


  1. Oh, surely they won’t leave brown paper up for window coverings? Good grief.

    How many lamps do you have in your place? Sounds like you need some full spectrum bulbs in all of them. Go price some out, I’ll help.

    PS: I’m with you on the knees and vicodin. Our storm is supposed to hit tomorrow, and I know for sure it’s on the way.

    • Beth- I have an Ott Light and a SAD light. I just haven’t put them out yet.
      And we are supposed to get blinds, but I think they said that will be at the
      end of the window project, which will be mid-December or later.

  2. *snibble*

  3. Thanks Az, I needed that.

  4. Guess you’d best get those lights out, STAT. I hope the tinting doesn’t affect the quality of light through the window a whole lot. I have no idea how that might affect the spectrum that gets through.

    I have some sheets I can send you for the windows. Or aluminum foil. That may or may not be an improvement on the brown paper.
    Brown paper packages, tied up with string,
    or masking tape, these are a few of my favorite things ….
    Wait, that’s not quite right, I’ll have to go to

    Having done both sheets and foil as window treatments at one point in my life (well, two, actually) I feel compelled to rib you a little. This, too, shall pass.
    Platitudes, I has them handy.
    That which doesn’t kill you ….
    had better be able to run faster than Epona can go.

  5. shit day. sometimes the best thing to do is curl up under the blankets (with a dog) and sleep for about 3 days… hoping for a better run soon…

  6. yuck – you’re having a really lousy time aren’t you. do you eat chocolate? if you send me your snail mail address I’ll send you some chocolate to cheer you up….

    (still smiling at beth’s comments)

  7. Beth- Made me laugh. Actually, I have some curtains I’ve never dared to put up because of all the rules. I would have had to take down the drapery rods that were there. Is it too much to ask to be able to see out of the window, and have some privacy? Oh, and the lights are out and doing their work.

    Daisy- dog/bed good. Luckily my dog is small enough to snuggle in my lap while I’m reading or watching TV, too.

    Nursie-Your private email was hilarious. Thanks for that. And I never turn down chocolate.

  8. grumpy? i didn’t see you at last night’s meeting of “Grumpy Anonymous”… but then, i was there in the front row, so may not have seen you if you sat in the back…

  9. Gnu- you only go to an anonymous group if you want to quit whatever, like alcohol. I wasn’t at the meeting because I want to stay grumpy for a couple more days. See you there next weekend.

  10. […] right now, but I will be tomorrow when the sun comes up on my brand new blinds.  Imagine, no more brown paper window treatments! I’m ecstatic! I was seriously considering taking down the brown paper, and putting up some […]

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