Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 4, 2008

We Have a New President!!!!

Oh, thank the gods, we have a new president elect. I started watching the returns about 4PM PST, when the polls in the east were closing. But it was hard to watch, and there are so many pundits on. Eventually, I had to watch something else, and tuned into a House marathon. But I switched back to the networks just in time to see John McCains gracious concession speech, and I have just come from watching Barack Obama’s humble victory speech. I am overwhelmed with joy. The contrast between Obama’s humility and George W. Bush’s hubris could not be more stark. Just barely pulling the election out last time, Bush announced he had a mandate, and was going to use his political capital. And then tried to privatize Social Security. I am so glad he wasn’t able to do that. I have hope for this country now. Despite all the nasty ads, the two principals managed to conduct themselves as gentlemen. Hallelujah!!!

I am sure the world is watching, I’m glad we had such a large turnout. I’m glad that so far there seems to be no dirty tricks that would upset the election. I just want to jump in the fountain outside the window where I type this, and wash away the nastiness and bitterness of the last eight years. Thank all the gods, and please protect Mr. Obama.

My friend Sherry, in her blog this morning, compared Obama to JFK and MLK, saying they were all Lightworkers, illuminated beings. I think she is right.  I am just praying that this doesn’t end the same way that it ended for those two men. And you will see an insurrection in the US if it does. So, all you ignorant rednecks out there, be warned. We will not stand for it this time.

To this joyful news, however I must add some sad news. Tuba Man has been murdered. I never knew Ed McMicheal’s name until today when I heard he’d been killed. But I knew him. I saw him frequently at Seattle Center, playing the tuba for coin. And I would see him other places, too, Pike Place Market, or run into him at the grocery store. He was a jovial, friendly man, a little slow of speech, and perhaps of thought. He had a lot of friends. Whenever he would see me and Friday, he would say hello, and give Friday a pet. He remembered her name. Apparently, he supported himself playing the tuba. And I just found out he only lived a couple of blocks from me. Which is probably why I ran into him all the time.

To hear that he had been beaten so severely by a bunch of street thugs that he subsequently died was devastating. He was younger than I am, just a gentle soul who managed to make a solo tuba sound decent. They’ve apparently caught some of the thugs who beat him, and I hope they catch the rest of them. I really feel like one of my friends died. So senseless. Ed probably had less than $20 on him.

I especially remember his crazy hats. The story I linked to has a picture of him in the hat I remember seeing him in most often. He stood out. He was very tall in the first place, and then you put that extra tall stovepipe hat on him, and he was a giant. A gentle giant. The world is a poorer place without him.


  1. so sorry to read about Tuba Man… he must have been a delight. hope the little thugs get some ‘tuba-action’ in the slammer. bastards…

  2. Thanks, Daisy. I really have been sad about Tuba Man. I can’t imagine going to Seattle Center, and never seeing him again.

  3. (((silverstar)))

    So sorry to hear about Tuba Man. That kind of senseless act really makes me angry. So many parents have abrogated their responsibility in the last while that we are virtually overwhelmed with uncivilized, thoughtless, inconsiderate ruffians.

    Revenge is not the healthiest of concepts, but here’s hoping those thugs get what they deserve.

    PS: We stayed up to watch the returns over the ‘net, including the speeches. We share your thoughts about President-elect Obama.

  4. sad news about your tuba man xx

  5. Oh, that’s sad (and crappy) about your tuba man. What makes a bunch of kids kill an innocent like that? I can’t even begin to imagine.

    • Thanks, guys for the sentiments. I got a shock coming home today when I saw
      a flag flying at half mast. Apparently one of our elderly former city
      councilpersons died. Sad, but not tragic.

  6. SS, hi! Hey I found this blog, I was looking at your others one..didn’t know you had this one. Very cool blog..let me know your birthday!! ok? So happy we now have a real leader. It has been a long time.
    Any dancing in the streets in Seattle? 🙂

    I never saw Tuba Man, but isn’t that just so sad? What were they thinking? I hope our country will be illuminated with a good leader. So sorry you lost your friend. Sherry

  7. Sherry- Shhh! Nobody over here at WordPress knows about my blogspot blog. And I obviously don’t update it often. For birthday, add 19 to election day. And yes, they were dancing in the streets on Capitol Hill and down at Pike Place Market. You could also look at my photo blog over at Photofilia.

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