Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 3, 2008

The Midnight Raid of Silverstar

Well, actually it was about 3AM. I might have gotten caught at midnight. I suddenly realized that in packing up to move to the motel, I hadn’t brought any chicken broth to put on Friday’s food. (It’s a long story, but she won’t eat her food without chicken broth.) And I wanted my pillow. It’s a special pillow for folks with neck pain. I had asked The Boyo to put it in the cart with the suitcases, but he didn’t. So there I was, at 3 AM riding the six blocks back to my apartment. And a couple of blocks into the ride, I realized The Boyo had been wise to question whether I had adequate outer wear. I was wearing my October coat, and guess what, it’s November.

Maintenance had changed the top lock, and I was afraid that they had come behind us and locked it, which would have meant I couldn’t get into my apartment. They do that so the residents can’t get back in while  they are working, since it is a safety hazard. But I was lucky, and I was still able to get in. I knew that once the contractor showed up at 8 AM, I would be out of luck.

So there I was, scurring around in the middle of the night, picking up things I would need. And it was kind of spitting rain, so I needed a plastic bag to put my pillow and spare coat in. But the kitchen was blocked off to where I couldn’t get to them. But then I remembered where I had put a big plastic bag from a department store, and it was accessible. Yes! And so, then I was off back to the hotel, where I think I scared the night man.

I’m in an accessible room at the hotel, but it has certain design flaws. One of them is that the door has a really good closer on it. And it’s difficult to figure out how to get in and out of the room with the scooter, before the door closes. Do they think everyone in a wheelchair is going to have an attendant to open the door. NOT! Another is that the bathroom has a stone floor and a roll-in shower. The roll in shower is great, I don’t have to kill myself getting in a bathtub. But water rolls out as easily as I get in, and puddles on the floor. Also, no fan in the bathroom, which means that the floor get wet just from condensation. And slick. That’s just what I need, to slip and fall and break something. I’ll have to remember to take my walker with me when I shower tomorrow.

I put out the “Do not disturb” sign, as I finally crawled into bed at some wee hour of the morning, and I wanted to sleep without housekeeping bugging me. Actually, it’s just fine with me if they don’t come in the room until I’ve left. I’m paranoid.

When I woke up, I went to the window to see what the weather was. And it was then I discovered that the window was open about 2 inches. Damn, no wonder the heater was cranking all night long. But it was toastier in there than my apartment usually is. Perhaps that wil be fixed when I get home.

Well, they don’t keep this “business center” toasty, and my fingers are getting numb, so I think I’ll go back to the room.


  1. does it feel like a holiday?

  2. Savor the maid making up the bed. Really. I was hotel maid once and it would be really hard to get away with stealing anything twice. (Once maybe but two accusations and you are out on your butt.) So, unless you have the Hope diamond you’re pretty safe.

  3. Nurse Myra- at least I don’t have to cook for myself.

    Kym- not worried about them stealing, I’m just kind of reclusive, and don’t like folks messing with my stuff.

  4. Great mental image of you stealing down the street in the wee hours of the morning to break into your own apartment. 🙂

  5. “Great mental image”

    Yes, I had you all in black wearing a balaclava.

    • Az- sorry to disappoint you, but it was a tan coat with a blue sherpa hat.

  6. there’s always something left behind… fortunately, it wasn’t the dog, just the chicken broth!

    • Daisy- You wouldn’t forget your life companion and neither would I. Although
      you keep hearing about kids left behind, and you wonder if it’s deliberate.

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