Posted by: silverstar98121 | November 2, 2008

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Which is why The Boyo and I were awakened this morning by maintenance coming in to help move stuff in the apartment, so I could go to the motel for the window replacement. At least we weren’t doing anything more energetic than sleeping. The Boyo has been working 14 hour days, and was exhausted. And it was 11:30 AM. OK, so I’m not a morning person. Get over it. Fortunately, they gave us about an hour to get our shit stuff together and wake up. And I was out of there on time. The Boyo was more help than maintenance.

This goes back to Thursday, when they were supposed to come and assess what needed to be done. They didn’t. The manager came by about 4 PM, and handed me a letter that didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know. About three on Friday, the next down the chain calls and says I was supposed to be there at 1:30 PM to get the debit card for my meals and transportation. And now, I find out they told maintenance I would be ready for them by 11:30, but didn’t tell me. Color me pissed off!

But what a pain in the arse altogether. Trying to get everything packed up. And some things that couldn’t be packed up until the last minute, like my computer (priorities, priorities.) Packing for four days for me, and the dog. And in the end I forgot my toothbrush. Actually, it was more like The Boyo started shoving stuff to store in the bathroom, and by the time I was awake and aware enough to know I needed that stuff, I couldn’t get in the bathroom.

Neither of us had had anything to eat, planning to eat when we got to the motel. But of course the restaurant had closed about 45 minutes before. So we went to the grocery store, and had some goodies out of the deli, and then I bought a few things to have in the room, which has a fridge and microwave.

So, I’ve spent the afternoon watching cable TV, and I’m not impressed. This place doesn’t have Animal Planet. How can you live without Animal Planet? Of course I only have cable when I’m traveling or in a  motel, but I want my Animal Planet. Mythbusters just doesn’t do it for me.

I went over to the restaurant tonight, and was shocked at the prices. For poor people who rarely spend more than $5 when eating out, it was shocking that the cheapest thing on the menu was $15. It was chicken fried steak, and I think they used library paste instead of gravy. Bleah! Maybe I’ll go back to the grocery and get some microwaveable food. I’m just glad that Seattle Housing Authority is paying, and not me.

So I have a whole bag of books to read, and I guess I will do so. I will have to run to the library again tomorrow, as some of my holds have come in. And pick up my arthritis medicine. I’m so glad that Epona got fixed, so that I’m not confined to quarters. Motels are dull. OK, so I could play Nintendo 64 games if I wanted to pay for it. Nope.

So I’m down in the business center blogging away. If I don’t come by your blog for a few days forgive me. They only want us to stay half an hour. I intend to use my half hour several times a day. I’ll be back at home on Thursday, with new windows. Yippee. Will take piccies of motel, but can’t put them up until I get home. See you all, soon.


  1. One nice thing about a boring hotel room – it makes you appreciate your own comfy digs. It does me, anyway. The older I get, the more I don’t like to travel.

    And you kids get off my lawn!

  2. So it’s a good thing that you weren’t being frisky when they walked in! I lol’ed alot when I thought about the possibilites and imagined what I would have done in your place… 🙂

  3. Beth, you’ve got that right. I will appreciate my comfy digs more. Especially being able to look on the computer, and see what the temperature is.

  4. Kath- especially funny for you, since you’ve met The Boyo.

  5. Well, we’re back at home now after two nights in motels. The motels were better than the (small) bed we had at the in-laws (do real couples really sleep in double beds anymore?) but it will be nice to settle into our own king bed tonight.

    Here’s hoping your motel stay seems shorter than it really is. And enjoy those new (draft-free) windows!

  6. Yes, Rob, some couples do sleep in a double bed. The Boyo and I do. But then again, we are both munchkins.

  7. […] workmen showed up. Unlike the last time workmen showed up at my place.  I decided, however, that it would be a good time to bug out of there and go grocery shopping. Eh, […]

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