Posted by: silverstar98121 | October 31, 2008

Ghost Stories

Unlike some people who claim to be psychically deaf, I am, unfortunately, not. I occasionally see dead people. Not as often as some of my friends, who tell me not to sit on the old lady in the empty seat at the theater, but…occasionally.

Most of my sightings are relatives. Sometimes they come in dreams, some times they come when I’m just there. And mostly it’s the men in my family.

My first experience was when my Uncle C died. I was about 14 when he died. One night I dreamed he came to me and told me he had been murdered. Supposedly he had died when he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head. I told my dad about the dream. And he told me there were some strange circumstances around Uncle C’s death. It appeared that someone else had been driving his car, and other weird stuff, money missing, clothes that were too big in the apartment, etc. We’ll probably never know the truth of that one. Uncle C was in his mid-seventies, but all his other siblings live to their 80s at least.

The next was my Grandpa M. I was newly married when he died. That night I was up sewing very late, (hubby was working night shift.) About 4AM I felt my grandfather in the room. I knew he was dead then. I was asleep when my mother called about 8AM. She was surprised when I told her what time he died.

Next contact was at a Samhain ritual. It was a very intimate gathering, with a lot of energy. The high priest cut the veil between the worlds. A little later, I felt Grandpa J at my elbow. He was sitting in his wheelchair, as I’d known him in his last years. He did a little fake coughing number, something he used to do when he wanted a beer. There was a little ritual around it. He would go to the kitchen at the nursing home, where his beer was kept, and cough. The cooks would ask him if the road was dusty and he wanted a beer. And so I had to put a beer out for him that night. He sat there at the ritual, just taking it all in. I always suspected he was half-Heathen, worshiping as I did at the Church of the Great Outdoors. Well, both of my grandfathers worshiped there.

I have had other kinds of psychic experiences, too. I always knew when my first real boyfriend was calling. The phone would ring, and it was like electricity flowed through me. I knew when another guy I dated was sick before I was told. He was very psychic, and I think I fed offf of his energy. Weird things happened in that relationship.

I don’t have a lot of current experience of the beyond, except for the ghost cat I feel jump up on the bed and walk over me occasionally. I know there was a cat in the apartment previously because it used the side of the bathroom cabinet as a scratching post. So, I’m not too startled when I feel little cat feet. Hmm, wonder if s/he will visit tonight?


  1. I would so dearly love to think I would one day see stephen again but I’m not a believer. the closest I’ve come to ‘seeing’ dead people was when my boss Tree died a long time ago (he of the broken baculum).

    It was the first death of someone close and I felt sad about it for a long time, then one night I had a very vivid dream when he came to me and said it was time to stop mourning and move on. I woke up the next morning feeling light and happy and the grieving just stopped.

    now it’s 14 months since stephen died and I’ve yet to dream of him telling me anything at all and every day is an exercise in just getting through without falling apart. I’m no longer prostrate with grief but I still cry for no obvious reason

  2. I have always been “tuned in”. I have even had encounters with Dad in the last couple of days already.

  3. what’s wonderful about your encounters is that there seems to be comfort there… you aren’t frightened, but seem to take it in stride! i could deal with that sort of thing… just no zombie clowns with hatchets…

  4. When I was a kid, I always wanted to believe. I read all sorts of ghost stories and would buy any book of real-life supernatural stories and devour it.

    I don’t know if this set up any kind of pattern for sensitivity later in life or not.

    It is my belief that there is more to our surroundings than is within the range of our five basic senses.

    I’ve also long held a belief that there is “something” looking out for me. There have been too many instances where I should have died and haven’t for it to be simple co-incidence. (Not to mention the fact that I do not believe in co-incidence anymore.)

    Most of my direct paranormal experiences have occurred in the house where I now live, although there have been instances away from the house that mostly involve my late wife.

    @ (((nursemyra))): I’m so sorry. I have to say, though, while I’ve had dreams of Shelley, there haven’t been that many. And she’s never said anything to me in those dreams really. I don’t think that’s all that unusual. Her presence was strong, though, in the house in the early days after she died. However, I don’t feel her as much these days.

  5. You gave me chills with this one! and I really like the idea of the ghost cat. I may have to steal that idea.

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